Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Persekabpas v Arema Malang 1-1

Who'd be a ref?

Only saw the last 20 minutes and pathetic it was. In a five minute spell there was little attempt to play football as players went wild scything, lashing and kicking at opponents.

Fair play my arse.

It was an East Java derby and you might expect a hot, passioned affair. This wasn't. The bit I saw was worse than any playground and really it's something the FA have got to do something about. Players here feel free to push and shove the ref without fear of punishment and oh boy did they get their money's worth today.

In my drunker moments I think it would be great to produce a weekly magazine showing highlighting the best of Indonesian football then you see this sort of crap and think why bother? As a melee surrounds the match officials plastic bottles are thrown from the terraces and you wonder how nasty things can get.

Refs HAVE TO start dishing out red cards when they get jostled and manhandled and the Indonesian FA HAVE TO support them. If refs feel they can get through a game unscathed and unbruised perhaps, just perhaps, better quality officials maybe attracted.

The FA have to protect the referees, until then, the league, the nation can't be taken seriously as a football nation, until this crap is cut out.

Once they start looking after the guys who help run the game, then they can hopefully move on and progress, but until then...
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