Sunday, July 27, 2014


Division One Groups

Krakatau Steel Stadium, Cilegon

PS Pidie Jaya, PSGL Gayo Lues, Cilegon United, PSP Padang

Moh Sarengat Stadium, Batang

Persibat Batang, Perserang, Persatu Tuban, Persibas Banyumas

Perseden Stadium, Bali

Perseden Denpasar, Persipani Paniai, Persiko Kota Sorong, PS Bandung

Games to be played between 18-23 August but don't ask who plays who on which day. Top 2 from each group go through to the next stage which could well be played in September.

Friday, July 25, 2014


ISL To Be Stopped For Under 23 Event

What do clubs like Persikabo, Persis, Persiba Bantul and Persijap have in common. Probably with several others? They have no money. Of course they have no money. Even though club must go through a verification process, they still have no money.

One reason why they h ave no money? They have played no football since early June and won't play any more until early August. No football means no gate money. And most clubs here don't have the wherewithall to do things like thing about cash flow. So they just don't pay anyone and hope the problem will solve itself.

Happens every year. I know it, you know it, hell even Mabel knows it. But nothing is done about it. Instead, it looks like the organisers of the league go out of their way to make things as awkward as possible for the clubs.

The ISL began early February.

24/02 - 06/03 - break to prepare for Asian Cup qualifier...a tournament Indonesia had no chance of qualifying for.

20/03 - 11/04 - a break for the general election

05/05 - 16/05 - mid season break!

12/06 - 08/08 - break for World Cup, fasting month, presidential election and the post fasting month holiday

19/09 - 04/10 - break for Asian Games (an Under 23 competition).

When the schedule was first drawn up back in January, there were going to be:

11/09 - 31/10 - play offs between top four Western and Eastern conference

05/11 - 11/11 - semi finals

15/11 - ISL grand final.

They may change now. The ISL has already been put back a few days but this stop for the Asian Games just makes a mockery of the league. With only 11 teams in each conference, they only need play 20 games to finish the season proper. Yet here we are at the end of July and, after nearly six months, they can't even manage that!

20/11 - 20/12 - ASEAN Cup

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Brunei Keeper Nicked For Thieving

BRUNEI’S goalkeeper for the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy football competition Mohammad Fakhrul Zulahzmi Yussof, 23, was imposed a $1,500 fine yesterday after he pleaded guilty of stealing gas cylinders.
The court document submitted by prosecuting officer Emily Goh states that Mohammad Fakhrul stole three gas cylinders from two houses on July 20.
At the first house in Kg Pancha Delima, he acted as a lookout for a friend who went into the house. Mohammad Fakhrul then went to a house in Kg Lambak Kanan later that night and stole two gas cylinders after using a metal cutter to cut open the padlock of the storage compartment. These gas cylinders were then sold off to an Indian man for $30 each at Kg Burung Pingai. During the proceedings yesterday before Magistrate Hjh Ervy Sufitriana Hj Abd Rahman, Mohammad Fakhrul told the court that he committed the offence because he desperately needed money to get his phone back.
Mohammad Fakhrul said that he had put his phone up as collateral when he borrowed money from a friend.
He said his phone would not be returned if he did not pay back the money by midnight, adding he did not want to ask the money from his parents.
“I promise not to re-offend. I have a tournament for Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy soon. If possible I would pay back for the gas cylinders. I feel very remorseful,” said Mohammad Fakhrul. He has no previous conviction on record.

COMMENT - shariah punishment?


No Rest For Under 19s

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (23 July 2014) – Indonesia plan to send their Under-19 team to the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy (HBT) 2014 even though the tournament is for players under the age of 21-years-old.
Indonesia were the losing finalist two years ago.
“We don’t have much information from Jakarta (ain't that the truth!) but I heard that Indonesia will be sending their national U19 team with some players from the U21 team,” said Deputy Ambassador of Indonesia to Brunei Pribadi Sutiono.
“I was told that the team is a good one and I am looking forward to the tournament. I think we are in a very challenging group but the countries in Group A are just as strong. There are a lot of good teams.”
Following the official draw this week, Indonesia have been placed in Group B against hosts Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.
Group A are Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor Leste and two-time champions Thailand.
“We have always competed in this tournament since the beginning in 2002. We were champions at that time and that showed how important the tournament is to us,” said the deputy ambassador.
“This is a very good tournament and a very good one for the Indonesians living here.”
Organisers have also decided to allow each country to register five over-aged players and field three at any one time.
COMMENT - I am not surprised there is not much information. What about the somewhat minor point that Indonesia U19 were down to play in a competition in Spain from 10 August? This here HBT kicks off 8 August. Are there now two U19s, have they been double booked or have they pulled out of the Valencia competition?


A Football Whine

Back in the day, I hated pre season. That lull between the end of May and early August when the new season started. I used to be on the phone almost daily to the Arsenal, 01-226-0304 back then (that was without looking!), to find out what friendlies were on the horizon.

I missed the start of the 1983 season. Unemployment didn't really allow for much in the way of an overseas jaunt following the Arsenal but I made up for it in 1984 (Germany and Netherlands) and 1986 (Ireland). I miss all that. Going to different places, bumping into lads you normally saw in different parts of the country. Over land and sea, we were there for the Arsenal.

I recall hitching round southern Ireland for a couple of friendlies, getting home and finding out we had a game scheduled at Southend. A friendly at Windsor and Eton, getting stuck in traffic outside Portsmouth.

Happy days but there was next to no coverage of them in the media. Just a hardy few who went to the games and still recall minute details 30 years on.

Cannot even compare with today. The internet and the global interest in a handful of English clubs means the coverage is 24/7 and doesn't ease up. It doesn't seem to be enough now for a team to have a cuple of pictures from a friendly in the programme. Now, we have photographers and players posting pictures non stop, there are constant updates on the website. And folks around the world are lapping it up. As I type this, people in Indonesia are forsaking their journey back to their home village to watch Manchester United play LA Galaxy in a friendly!

We have another channel that has shown friendlies featuring the likes of Hearts and Bayer Leverkusen!

And the local game? Well, a mix of the election and the fasting month means the game is in another period of hibernation with just a few low key friendlies arranged at the last minute to whet the appetite.

Did you know, for example, Sarawak are in town? A pretty big club by Malaysian standards I am sure you will agree, they were hoping to play Persib, PSIS and Persebaya. And they played? Villa 2000 and Cilegon United at a field on a military base!

The local papers are filled with tales of clubs arranging friendlies before cancelling them. Arranging then cancelling. And so on.

As ever, no one can organise anything decent because no one has the authority to actually make things happen. Juventus are coming next month but that is taking a private organisation to make it happen. No one else can guarantee security permission.

Admittedly, this is an odd year with the elections and the fasting month coinciding. But it would be nice if in future seasons we can have people sit down and try and come up with something constructive through a long break rather than the current one month of slow news days. People still want their football and as the local game constinues to do nothing, so the European teams tighten their grip.

Surely it is not beyond the wit of someone to a team like Persib going to play a couple of games in Malaysia?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Singapore League Cup Finals

Plate Final - 24/07 Tampines Rovers v Balestier Khalsa
Cup Final - 25/07 Tanjong Pagar v DPMM

Both ties to be played at Jalan Besar Stadium.

DPMM making their third consecutive appearance in the final; they lost to Balestier Khalsa last year and defeated Geylang 2-0 the year before. They also won the Cup back in 2009. In fact, Balestiers success last year was the first time a Singapore team had won the pissant little pot since 2008 when Gombak United had won it, defeating Korean Super Reds in the final.

In fact, it does seem the local clubs don't really care too much about it judging by the finalists over the years.

2007 Woodlands v Sengkang Punggol 4-0
2008 Gombak United v KSR 2-1
2009 DPMM v SAFFC 1-1 (DPMM win on pens)
2010 Etoile v Woodlands 3-1
2011 Albirex Niigata v Hougang United 0-0 (AN win on penalties)
2012 DPMM v Geylang 2-0
2013 Balestier Khalsa v DPMM 4-0

Then we have that Plate nonsense

2012 Balestier Khalsa v Young Lions 1-0
2013 Harimau Muda v Young Lions 2-0

Coming next season, losers will compete for the Cheese Grater, the Soup Spoon and the Napkins.


ISL All Stars Squad v Juventus

I cringe even having to write all stars or selection, I really do. Anyways, here it is...

1 Kurnia Meiga Arema
2 Andritany Ardhiyasa Persija

3 Novan Setia Sasongko Semen Padang
4 Zulkifly Syukur Mitra Kukar
5 Alfin Tuasalamony Persebaya
6 Ahmad Jufriyanto Persib
7 Victor Igbonefo Arema
8 Thierry Gathussie Arema

9 Manahati Lestusen Persebaya
10 Raphael Maitimo Mitra Kukar
11 Firman Utina Persib
12 Konate Makan Persib
13 Gustavo Lopez Arema
14 Esteban Vizcarra Semen Padang
15 Ferdinand Sinaga Persib
16 Ramdani Lestaluhu Persija

17 Emmanuel Kenmogne Persebaya
18 Cristian Gonzales Arema

The coach is Stefan Hansen from Mitra Kukar and the game will be played August 6 at Bung Karno.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


LionsXII Likely To Stick Around

SINGAPORE — The LionsXII are set to participate in the Malaysian Super League (MSL) and Malaysia Cup beyond 2015, when the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) in 2011 expires.
Under the MOU, both associations agreed to continue to have a team in each other’s league for developmental purposes, and with one season left, all indications are that the deal will be re-struck.
“We remain deeply appreciative of the opportunity to be part of the MSL, which has helped in the development of young players, provided new career options for some of our players and coaches and also given Singapore football a boost,” said FAS director of marketing and communications Gerard Wong.
The LionsXII made their MSL debut in 2012, finishing runners-up that season before winning the title last year. Although they finished eighth in the MSL this year, FAM secretary-general Hamidin Amin told TODAY the Singaporean side have added value to Malaysia’s premier domestic league competition.
“The LionsXII bring a different kind of excitement to the competition. Being a ‘foreign’ team, it generates a lot attention, which is good for the game. We must also not forget that matches between the LionsXII and the Malaysian teams will help develop the friendship and relationship between the two sets of supporters,” he said.
“I am sure that it has helped the LionsXII improve the skills of their U-23 players and those from the senior team in preparation for international competitions.”
There is a caveat though, as TODAY understands that the FAM is mulling over whether or not to subject the LionsXII to the relegation and promotion rule, and also to fix the quota of players aged under 23 and above that would be allowed in their squad. The FAM takes a lenient stance on the U-23 player rule, as it understands restrictions posed on the LionsXII by Singapore’s National Service policy.
For now, there is no clear guideline on whether the LionsXII would be subject to relegation to the second-tier Malaysian Premier League should they finish in the bottom two of the 12-team MSL.
“I am not at liberty to release the details, but obviously if Singapore is to continue to take part in the MSL, there will have to be some changes,” said Hamidin.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Malaysia Super League Average Attendances

Johor Darul Tazim 23,000 +6.9%
Pahang                   21,545 +7.7%
Sarawak                 16,818 +12.1%
Selangor                14,909 +10.4%
Kelantan                12,727 -15.1%
Perak                       8,445 -6.1%
Terengganu             6,836 -2.3%
LionsXII                 6,093 -3.2%
Sime Darby            4,082 +36%
ATM                       3,818 -4.5%
PKNS                     2,718 +43%
T Team                   1,641 +21.5%

Season Average +13.4%

These numbers compare favourably with Indonesia and exceed those in Thailand. The biggest crowd came at the Shah Alam Stadium between Selangor and JDT which pulled in 80,000; to end with an average below 15,000 suggests Selangor struggled big time at the start of the season when they were forced to play elsewhere.



When In Rome For Indonesia U23s

Ahead of the Asian games later in the year, Indonesia's U23 squad have moved to Italy for a week's training camp.

While there, they have a number of friendlies lined up against local teams of course!

18/07 AS Roma v Indonesia U23
20/07 Lazio v Indonesia U23
23/07 Cagliari v Indonesia U23


NFL Clubs Struggle In Singapore League Cup

The ever confusing League Cup with its plate and other kitchen items has this season included two NFL teams which has done something to make the trophy slightly more interesting than normal.

Police Sports Association were the first to take the field when they took on Albirex Niigata at Jurong East. The Japanese side won 13-0 and the visiting cops ended with 10 men after Hishamudin Khairudin was red carded on 73 minutes.

Kazuya Okazaki hit a hat trick but there is no way I am writing all them names out!

The following night, it was the turn of Singapore Recreation Club. They took on Woodlands Wellington, losing 1-0 with former Gombak defender Mamadou Bah scoring just on the half hour mark.

Things improved somewhat for the cops in their second game when they scored a goal against Tanjong Pagar. Unfortunately for the NFL team, the Jaguars hit seven! It was 6-0 at half time so Police SA emerged with some credit after the break.

SRC continued to prove to be a tough nit to crack, losing 2-0 to Home United in their second game with the Protectors scoring twice in a minute. To be fair, the SRC are no mugs with experienced players like Daniel Hammond and Itimi Dickson in their ranks.

Next up Tampines take on Police SA while SRC face Balestier Khalsa in their final group stage games.

Results may not have gone their way but certainly SRC have shown there is some life in Singapore's notional second tier. I for one would like to see some kind of relegation between the SLeague and the NFL but of course the latter is really little more than a Saturday arvo kick around with your mates and making the commitment to go 'professional' may not be too popular.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Asia's World Cup Flop

BRASILIA (Reuters) - The winless World Cup showing by Asia's four teams is a wakeup call for the region, the head of AFC said on Friday, but the lacklustre showing has not deterred calls for extra places at the finals from his members.

South Korea exited on Thursday after a 1-0 loss to Belgium condemned them to last place in Group H, the same position Japan, Iran and Australia managed in their four team pools as the region managed only a collective three points in Brazil.

It was the first time since the 1990 tournament in Italy that Asia didn't win a game at the finals, with the AFC the only Confederation competing in Brazil not to have a representative make the last 16.
"This World Cup serves as a lesson to all Asian nations," Asian Football Confederation President Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa said in a statement.

"Asia must acknowledge its shortcomings, but at the same time we must believe in our own ability.
"The AFC is determined to unlock the full potential of Asian football, and that can only be achieved through hard work, dedication and unwavering support in AFC’s efforts to have equal and sustainable football development across the continent."

Asian teams have won just 14 matches at the World Cup since Indonesia - then the Dutch East Indies - first competed at the 1938 tournament in Italy. In comparison, South America's six representatives in Brazil have 13 wins already in the 2014 edition.

Only six Asian sides have made it through the first stage of a World Cup, with South Korea's fourth place at their home 2002 tournament looking a distant memory after the Brazil showing.

However, FIFA Vice-President Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, who has accused Sheikh Salman of playing politics in trying to take his role at the world governing body, believes Asia should see an increase to their four-and-a-half slots.

"Asia definitely deserves more spots for many reasons," the Jordanian Football head told Reuters earlier in the tournament.

"Two thirds of the global population and footballers are from Asia, it's the largest continent, we have 46 Members Associations and, most importantly, Asian football has taken impressive strides towards development. The future of football is Asia."

Those beliefs are not shared by all, though.

Iran coach Carlos Queiroz stepped down after their campaign ended with a defeat by Bosnia, with the former Real Madrid coach long bemoaning the amateur set up as a hindrance to progress.

Queiroz said Asian policy of copying European practices was also a mistake and that training, competition and organisation in the region was wrong.

"You cannot copy Europe because the day you think you are close, they are one step ahead because they also progress," the Mozambique-born coach said.

"But the officials persist in copying Europe and year after year the gap is higher and higher. It is a pity because 60percent of the money in football comes from Asia and they have the worst conditions."

Sheikh Salman, who was elected last year, said he hoped that new initiatives in the administration of the game in Asia would result in an improved showing at the next World Cup in Russia.

"We must bring our game to the next level and there is no time to wait," he said.

"Football will not slow down and nor will the rest of the world. We look to enhance the overall quality of our football, from infrastructure, commercial, competition to administration."


Juventus Ticket Prices - Indonesia

Ticket Prices 

VVIP West - Rp 2,500,000 ($208)
VIP West - Rp 1,600,000
VIP East - Rp 1,000,000
Category 1 - Rp 650,000
Category 2 - Rp 350,000
Category 3 - Rp 150,000

For a comparison, check out the prices when the Arsenal came to Jakarta in 2013.


Singapore League Cup Draw 2014

The Fixtures of the Group Stages
Stage Day Date Time Home Away Venue
Group A Monday 7 July 8.00pm Tanjong Pagar United Albirex Niigata Queenstown
Group B Geylang International Tampines Rovers Bedok
Group C Tuesday 8 July Woodlands Wellington Home United Woodlands
Group D Balestier Khalsa Hougang United Toa Payoh
Group A Thursday 10 July Albirex Niigata Police SA Jurong East
Group B Tampines Rovers Warriors Clementi
Group C Friday 11 July Home United S’pore Recreation Club Bishan
Group D Brunei DPMM Balestier Khalsa Jalan Besar
Group A Sunday 13 July Tanjong Pagar United Police SA Queenstown
Group B Warriors Geylang International Choa Chu Kang
Group C Monday 14 July Woodlands Wellington S’pore Recreation Club Woodlands
Group D Hougang United Brunei DPMM Hougang

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Jakarta Casual Podcasts

Sorry not much has been added recently. I am wandering around South East Asian trying to catch some football and sometimes failing spectacularly at great cost!

Anyways, added some podcasts so if you are stuck in a traffic jam, why not check them out.

An Interview With Mustafic Fahruddin
Singapore Legend R Sasikumar
A Look Behind The Scenes at Albirex Niigata

They can all be found at the Jakarta Casual soundlcoud page


Johor Darul Tazim Edge Closer To Title

Johor Baru: Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) inched closer to the Super League title with a convincing 3-0 win over Kelantan. 
The Southern Tigers took command of the match from the start last night, knowing that a victory would boost their hopes of emerging champions. 
JDT can secure the title by beating Sarawak in their final match in Kuching on Wednesday. If they falter, second-placed Selangor can snatch the title from them if they win today’s match against Sarawak the Shah Alam Stadium and the last match against basement side PKNS FC at home on Wednesday. 
The Johor club side did not disappoint the sell-out crowd at the Larkin Stadium with Amirulhadi Zainal (26th), Mohd Nazrin Mohd Nawi (53rd) and Luciano Figueroa (88th) netting the goals.  
Amirulhadi gave JDT the perfect start by latching onto a through pass from captain Safiq Rahim to put the ball beyond Kelantan goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat for the opening goal.
Kelantan-born winger Mohd Nazrin made it 2-0 for JDT in the second half when he stabbed the ball home after a goalmouth scramble. 
Kelantan’s Mohd Khairul Izuan could have reduced the deficit but squandered the two chances in the 78th and 79th minutes. 
Figueroa then put the game beyond Kelantan by connecting a cross from Mohd Nazrin two minutes before full time. 
In another match at the Sultan Ismail Stadium in Kuala Terengganu, Armed Forces boosted their chances of beating the drop by holding hosts Terengganu to a 1-1 draw. 
The Turtles took the lead through Mohd Norfahan Mohd in the 60th minute, but Forces equalised through Fabrice Noel in the 64th minute to move up a rung to ninth in the 12-team league.


Indonesia v Pakistan Ticket Prices

VIP West Stand: Rp 100.000,-
West Terrace: Rp 75.000,-
East Terrace: Rp 30.000,-
North & South Terrace: Rp 30.000,-

The game is being played at Delta Stadium in Sidoarjo 21 June 

Monday, June 09, 2014


Mekong Club Championship

YANGON  – Toyota, the world’s largest carmaker will sponsor the inaugural TOYOTA Mekong Club Championship which will be played at the Hang Day Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam on 31st October and 2nd November this year. 

The football tournament will feature the winning teams representing Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

As the sponsor of the FIFA Club World Cup presented by TOYOTA, the AFC Asian Cup and other local football tournaments such as the Toyota Thai Premier League, this latest sponsorship is another show of support for the development of football globally and in the Mekong region by Toyota.

“We are proud to sponsor what promises to be an excellent tournament demonstrating the unifying spirit of football, arguably the world’s most popular sport,” said Kyoichi Tanada, Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation.

“We feel that the passion and energy of football resonates with Toyota’s constant pursuit in innovation to bring ‘ever better’ cars to our customers. In conjunction with the title sponsorship, we are also launching the ‘Toyota Mekong Football Challenge’ to inspire and groom young football talents. We are also grateful for the tremendous support from the local football federations and associations from participating countries to help make the tournament a success.”


Russian Footballer Left To Rot In Indonesia

Here we go again.

Have you heard of Sergei Litvinov? Nope, nor have I. He first came out to Indonesia for the IPL, remember that thing, where the league promised to change the game and honour players' contracts?

Litvinov signed for Solo FC, joined Persikab in 2012 before playing at PSLS last year.
Litvinov (58) lining up for Solo Ksatria in 2011

Now he is stuck. In Solo. With no money. Because PSLS refuse to honour his contract and pay him his money.

We have been here before. Solo has been here before. Remember Diego Mendieta, the Paraguayan striker who was left to go from hospital to hospital because he couldn't afford to pay for the treatment? He eventually died in Solo, all but forgotten by the world except a few fans of the local team.

Now we have this Russian lad who can't go home to see his family because he has no money and is left to sell drinks at a road side stall.

I wonder what the 'official' Indonesian players' union, known as APSI, are doing to help him? Because the union recognised by the rest of the world, APPI, are not recognised by the PSSI here. So, can we expect to hear from APSI on this matter?

More about Sergei...on You Tube (in Indonesian) and on a local website (in Indonesian).


Persita Forced To Move Persija Clash

You can't help but feel sorry for fans of Persita. Kicked out of their Benteng Stadium by a fatwa that followed years of crowd disturbances, the team was forced to play its home games in Kuningan in 2013 which is bloody miles away.

This season saw them move to Karawang which is a bit closer but still a fair old trek for the die hard.

Now comes news their game with Persija for later this weekend has been shifted to Bantul near Yogyakarta over concerns of crowd trouble.

Persija fans tend to travel to some away games in numbers, they took something like a dozen bus loads to Sriwijaya for their game yesterday, leaving Jakarta on Friday for the 16 hour plus drive, including ferry crossing, and with Karawang being in West Java, and Persib land, officials were no doubt concerned over possible disorder.

Earlier, Persija fans had hired something like two dozen buses to take them ti Bandung for their game with Persib. Police stopped them on the highway and forced them, after a bit of a row, to return home rather than continue their journey.

Playing in Bantul is hardly likely to stop the Persija hard core but Persita will be punished by missing out in a lucrative gate take as well as home advantage.


Pahang Lift FA Cup

SHAH ALAM: Pahang staged a magnificent second-half fightback to beat Felda United 2-1 for their second FA Cup title at the Shah Alam Stadium.

Felda surprisingly raced ahead last night through Edward Wilson Junior in the 22nd minute before Pahang substitute Mohd Faizol Hussain equalised in the 79th minute. Dickson Nwakaeme struck the winner in the 89th minute.

Favourites Pahang struggled to gain a foothold and were outplayed by the hardworking Felda players, who chased every loose ball.

The Elephants’ central midfield pairing of Mohd Hafiz Kamal and Azidan Sarudin were the biggest letdown as the duo looked lost and could not create the chances for strikers Matias Conti and Dickson Nwakaeme.

Felda goalkeeper Mohd Farizal Harun was also in his element as he kept a clean slate in the first half. Felda’s attacking trio of Indra Putra Mahayuddin, Wilson and Zah Rahan Krangar were a threat throughout the first half.

And it was Wilson and Indra who combined to create Felda’s goal. The duo played a one-two at the edge of the box before the former put the ball beyond the reach of Pahang goalkeeper Khairul Azhan.

The goal woke Pahang from their slumber but, despite their hard work, the equaliser was hard to come by. Their best chance came from Azidan’s diving header which hit the cross bar in the 37th minute.

Zah Rahan could have put the game beyond Pahang four minutes after the restart but his effort from outside the box hit the upright.

Two inspired substitutions in the second half by Pahang coach Zainal Abidin Hassan – bringing on Zesh Rehman and Faizol – paved the way for the fightback.

Midfielder Faizol blasted in a screamer from outside the box after receiving a pass from Nwakaeme to get Pahang back into the game while Rehman set up Nwakaeme for the winner in the dying minutes.

Pahang were also FA Cup champions in 2006 when they edged Perlis 4-2 in a penalty shootout. Last night’s victory also earned them a slot in the AFC Cup competition next season.

Sunday, June 08, 2014


Singapore's Class Of '94

50,000 Singapore fans travelled to Shah Alam Stadium for the Malaysia Cup Final in 1994. A further 1 million watched it on TV back home. Singapore won the game 4-0 against Pahang, Abbas Saad netted a hat ytick while Fandi Ahmad hit the third.

The Lions returned to Singapore and there crowds waiting for them at the airport. A further 20,000 filled the old national stadium to celebrate their success.

Talk to anyone from those days and they will compare unfavourably the current football set up with the Class of '94. The idea that 50,000 Singaporeans would even cross the road to see their team play these days seems laughable. Manchester United, yes. Liverpool, yes. But Singapore? Forget it.

What went wrong? Where have those fans gone? What level of mismanagement has caused Singaporeans to turn their back on their own game and adopt teams from thousands of miles away?

The names of '94 are etched deep in the Singapore psyche... David Lee (goalkeeper), Terry Patmanathan (sweeper), Borhan Abu Samah (left back), Malek Awab (right back/winger), Lim Tong Hai (center back), V. Selvaraj (midfielder), Fandi Ahmad (striker), Sundramoorthy (right winger), Lee Man Hon (left winger), “Supersub” Steven Tan (right winger), Nazri Nasir (midfielder), together with the foreign imports in Abbas Saad (striker), Alistair Edwards (striker) and Jang Jung (sweeper).

Their names and their deeds live but their successors are frankly ignored or mocked. Players like Noh Alam Shah. Baihakki Khaizan, Ahmad Latief, Indra Sahdan Daud, M Ridwan are lucky to receive a fraction of the respect directed towards those who overcame Pahang. Lionel Lewis, an international keeper considered good enough for trials with Manchester City and Grasshopper Zurich, was forced to leave the game because there was no money.

Tha fans have dried up. Those who are left just want free tickets and clubs have resorted to giving away tubes of potato crisps to try and get people through the gate!

Singaporeans will get behind their national team, especially if they are in with a chance of winning something, but they have yet to feel the same emotional attachment to their club sides these days.

Singapore football has a long, proud tradition going back decades through its efforts in the Malaysia Cup. The passion for the game is there; just see the English Premier league shirts on the MRT or the buses. But you must go some to see people wearing local teams' shirts.

This is the 20th anniversary of what many people see as the pinnacle of football in Singapore. Yet what is being done to commemorate it? Where are the books, videos, t shirts or othe rmemorabilia to recall that magical day? Beyond a few whiny letters to the local papers, where is the official recognition of '94?

You cannot have a present or a future until you recognise the past and it is quite shocking that no one seems willing to step forward and recognise that team, give it the respect it deserves and, perhaps, use it as the moment Singapore decided it needed its own league.

By giving '94 a status of its own, perhaps people can then start to afford the current generation the respect it deserves. Things ain't too bad these days...2012 ASEAN Cup Champions, 2013 LionsXII won the Malaysian Super League.

On the 20th anniversary it is right to remember the past. But it is also right to look forward to the future.

Malaysia Cup 1994 video
Personal memories

Monday, June 02, 2014


Jakarta Casual Podcast

The latest lookback at the week in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore as well as a peek at Thai football...bit of a ramble this time but the content is there.

Check it out on Soundcloud


Kelantan Officials Upset Over Transfer Policy

A Kelantan official has lambasted the decision by some quarters in their Super League team for dropping foreign duo Obinna Nwaneri and Mohammed Ghaddar during the mid-season transfer window in April.

Nwaneri was Kelantan’s pillar of strength in the centre-back position while Ghaddar, though, selfish, was quite a lethal striker.

But Kelantan replaced them with an ineffective Hussein Alaa Magsoosi and former Ghana international Prince Tagoe.

Hussien, who was signed from Bangkok United, has failed to strengthen Kelantan’s back-line while Tagoe is injured.

Tagoe has been complaining of multiple injuries during training and according to team officials, the local strikers are better than him.

None of the team officials wants to take the blame for signing poor quality players. Some key members of the team were not consulted before Nwaneri and Ghaddar were dropped.

“Hussien is nothing like Nwaneri. Tagoe has claimed he got injured during training. The Ghana striker’s condition does not look good,” said the KFA official yesterday.

“I was surprised when Nwaneri and Ghaddar were dropped from the squad in April.

“They were not great but at least they added depth to our game. Instead of signing better players, the team have brought in very weak options.

“Kelantan can forget about winning titles this season.”

Tagoe was an unused substitute in Kelantan 2-2 draw with Felda United in the FA Cup semi-final return leg in Shah Alam on Saturday. Kelantan were ousted from the competition on away goals.
Kelantan coach George Boateng explained that Tagoe did not have the fitness to play on Saturday.
“I pick players based on fitness and their performance in training.

“Tagoe hasn’t been able to train all week due to fitness problems. He has a slight injury. He needs to work harder and improve before I can select him.”

The coach is optimistic Kelantan will achieve their top four target in the Super League and also pose a serious challenge in the Malaysia Cup.

Kelantan are now fifth in the league with 26 points with five matches left.

Read more: Kelantan pay price of bad decision - Soccer - New Straits Times

Friday, May 30, 2014


Low Crowds In Eastern Conference Of ISL

During the first of the current Indonesia Super League season, attendances in the western conference averaged a handy 10,242

1 - Persija 22,826
2 - Persib 22,149
3 - Arema 15,374

We can be sure Arema's average will have been boosted in recent weeks by large turn outs against Persija (33,000 +) and Persib (42,000 +)

In addition, Sriwijaya and Persik are regularly pulling in 10,000 plus crowds despite having pretty poor campaigns.

So far, so good. Till we look at the eastern conference.

1 - Persela 11,269
2 - Persepam MU 9,450
3 - Pusam 8,980

Now, I have a lot of time for Persela. Small town but they regularly sell out their Surajaya Stadium. But for them to be getting the largest crowds in the east is a sad indictment of clubs like Persebaya for example.

It was not that long ago Persebaya pulled in 55,000 for a game with Arema in the old IPL. Their last home game, against Persipura, was just over 1,000! Their supporters don't see Persebaya on the field despite the green shirts and the famous badge. They see Persikubar, a team parachuted in from East Kalimantan to satisfy people's personal ambitions.

So, unlike in England for example where fans upset by new owners limit their protest to the odd march or twitter outburst, Persebaya fans stay away.

PSM and Persiram have different reasons for their pitifully small average crowds of 617 and 188. PSM are playing their home games in Surabaya, far from their home city of Makassar while Persiram call Sleman, a suburb of Yogyakarta, home for this season.

But Persipura are only averaging 7,000 plus, well down on other seasons I think. What is all that about? Are the fans concentrating on the AFC Cup?

The above numbers come from the ISL's mid season review. If you wish to read the whole thing, and it is well laid out and easy to understand, then check out the Liga Indonesia website.


Persis And PSIS Neck And Neck In Group 4

Selected results from Divisi Utama

Deltras v PSMP 3-3 1,650

This sounds like an absolute cracker of a game...unless you are a Deltras fan! They were 3-1 up with 13 minutes to go but goals on 85 and in injury time by Alain Nebie earned the visitors a point. Deltras remain rooted to the bottom of Group 6 without a win while this was PSMP's fourth draw of the season and they sit mid table.

Persiku v Persis 2-2 5,123

Group 4 is where it is at and if you are anywhere near Semarang this Saturday I strongly suggest you get down to Jatidiri Stadium to catch the top two, PSIS and Persis in action. There have been some disappointing crowds in the top flight this season but this is likely to be a full house with a large travelling support.

Group 1 - 1 - PSPS 7 5 0 2 10-7 15
Group 2 - 1 - Persikabo 8 6 1 1 13-7 19
Group 3 - 1 - PSCS 8 4 4 0 14-7 16
Group 4 - 1 - Persis 8 5 3 0 12-6 18
Group 5 - 1 - PSBI, Persinga, Perseman each have 13 points
Group 6 - 1 - Borneo 7 5 1 1 10-5 16
Group 7 - 1 - Persewangi 7 4 2 1 6-3 14
Group 8 - 1 - Persiwa 8 5 1 2 10-5 16

7 - Gakou Amadou (Persiku)


Biggest Crowd Of The Season Sees Arema Held By Persib

Indonesia Super League

Semen Padang v Persik 3-0 (Airlangga, Nur Iskandar 2) 3,421
PSM v Perseru 2-1 (Ponaryo Astaman 2; Ali Khadaffi) 200
Arema v Persib 2-2 (Gustavo Lopez 2; Ferdinand Sinaga 2) 42,449

Biggest crowd of the season saw the home team forced to come from 2-0 down to earn a draw against a Persib team that does seem to have the hex over them. Arema have only dropped seven points all season...five have come against Persib!

Persebaya v Persipura 1-1 (Emmanuel Kenmogne; Boas Solossa) 1,234

In another time, another place, this game would have filled the Bung Tomo Stadium. Both teams are challenging for the title. Both teams play open attractive football. And both coaches have coached both teams. But it ended a draw in front of a crowd that could have fitted into, and on, one commuter train.

Persija v Persijap 4-1 (Victor Pae 2, Ivan Bosnjak, Eddie Boakay Foday; Carlos Raul Sciucatti) 16,198

Going into this game, Persija had scored just 13 goals in 12 games and obviously that situation needed remedying if they were to mount a sustained challenge for the top four places and the play offs later in the year. They bought in Foday, a man whose reward for hitting five goals in an AFC Cup tie, was to be replaced by Persipura! Mind you, Persija were only playing Persijap who have looked poor all season.

Pelita Bandung Raya v Gresik United 4-1 (David Laly 2, Nova Arianto, Wawan Febrianto; Otavio Dutra) 200

Persiram v Persela 2-0 (Mbida Messi, Steven Anderson) 1,125

Persiram always have this kind of win in their locker. Despite being slightly off the pace in recent weeks,  they remain a tough nit to crack you just knew this was going to be a tough ask for a Persela side with title ambitions of their own.

Persiba Bantul v Persepam MU 0-2  (Silvio Escobar 2) 3,500
Persiba Balikpapan v Mitra Kukar 0-1 (Zulvin) 4,232

An East Kalimantan derby, there are plenty of them this season, Mitra Kukar did their own top four ambitions no harm with these narrow three points at their local rivals.

Persib v Gresik United 4-1 (Firman Utina, Makan Konate, Ferdinand Sinaga, Djibril Coulibally; Pedro Javier) 17,744

Quite a common score this week! There seems to be a mental strength about Persib this season that has perhaps been lacking in recent seasons.

Barito Putra v Persita 2-0 (Yongki Aribowo, Noor Hadi) 5.015

Western Conference

1 - Arema 13 10 2 1 30-8 31
2 - Persib 13 7 4 2 25-13 25
3 - Semen Padang 13 7 2 4 17-12 23
4 - Persija 13 6 4 3 17-10 22

Eastern Conference

1 - Mitra Kukar 13 8 2 3 23-9 26
2 - Persipura 13 6 7 0 20-9 25
3 - Persela 13 6 3 4 19-18 21
4 - Persebaya 12 7 3 2 24-10 21*

Deducted threepoints by FIFA

12 - Emmanuel Kenmogne (Persebaya)
8 - James Koko Lomell (Barito Putra), Ilija Spasojevic (Pusam)
7 - Gustavo Lopez (Arema), Silvio Escobar (Persepam MU), Ferdinand Sinaga (Persib)

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Travelling JDT Fans Complain Of Poor Treatment In Singapore

SINGAPORE - They came from across the Causeway to enjoy a football match.

But the 150-odd Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) supporters who travelled to Singapore to watch their team's Malaysia Super League (MSL) match against the LionsXII at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Tuesday, claim that overly-stringent security officers turned their trip into a farce.

Most of them ended up watching a portion of the match on their mobile phones outside the stadium, JDT fan Zaman Nuri Hassan, who runs the "Luaskan Kuasa Mu Oh Johor Ku" Facebook fan page, told The New Paper yesterday.

Five Malaysians - a woman and four men - were arrested before the match for disorderly behaviour. They are out on bail and investigations are ongoing.

Mr Zaman said many JDT supporters were agitated when security officials at Jalan Besar told them to stay inside their buses even after they arrived late at the stadium.

He said the fans, who were in five buses, had left Larkin Stadium at 3pm, but were held up for almost two hours at the Woodlands Checkpoint as their buses were inspected.

After arriving at the stadium at 7.45pm - the kick-off time - they were made to wait even longer.
"We were already late, but they still wouldn't let us get off the bus," said Mr Zaman.

"The doors of the bus were opened, but they didn't let us go anywhere. We couldn't even leave the bus to pee. There was a mixture of security officers, some in all-black attire, some in yellow vests and some people in plainclothes taking pictures of us. Some of us saw it as provocation. For 30 minutes, we were forced to sit in the bus and just wait."

In response to TNP's queries, a police spokesman said: "The buses arrived at Jalan Besar Stadium late. The arrangement was for the buses to take turns to drive to the 'away' fan gate for alighting (and) the away fans would then be facilitated to enter the stadium to watch the match.

"The fans waiting in the buses were advised not to leave the buses as this would have caused further delay to the drop-off process. "There was a delay that night for the fans to enter the stadium as the liaison from the away fans were sorting out the ticket arrangements."

Mr Zaman claimed he was among the first busload of JDT fans to be allowed into the stadium.

By then, it was the 35th minute of the match, which JDT eventually won 3-2 through a controversial refereeing decision.

But that was not the end of the drama.

During the second-half, a large number of JDT fans began streaming out of their designated area at the stadium.

"At that point, we heard that three busloads of our supporters were not allowed into the stadium despite having tickets," Mr Zaman said.

"So we decided to boycott the game as a form of protest and to show unity with our fellow JDT fans.
"All of us left the stadium, and we watched the game on our mobile phones on the Astro On The Go website."

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) said the Malaysian fans who were turned away "were not holders of tickets to the rightful and appropriate fan seating sectors".

At this point, some supporters became unruly after being denied entry.

In one video that has been making the rounds on social media, some fans can be seen aggressively shouting offensive words at Cisco officers outside the stadium, with one screaming "kecut" (cowards in Malay) at them. In the same video, another fan is heard shouting in Malay: "We need to pee! We're hungry! Thirsty! Why are we here?" Security officers can be seen boxing the supporters in with white rope, which incensed them further. Mr Zaman said it made the fans feel "like animals".

"The rope was used by Cisco as part of their crowd-control plan," a police spokesman said.

"The police officers were helping to maintain order among the fans who were walking to the stadium without any tickets while their liaison was sorting out the tickets. The fans were advised to go back to the buses to wait as they would not be able to enter the stadium without tickets."

It is understood that some of the JDT fans had tickets, but they were for seats outside the designated area for away supporters.

A local football fan, who declined to be named, told TNP: "This type of strict security is a one-off. I have many friends from Malaysia who I sit with at LionsXII games, and there's always no problem."
Referring to the away supporters who became unruly, he said: "I think it's just a case of the JDT fans getting upset at being unable to enter after buying tickets meant for Singaporeans."


Singapore Cancel Malaysia Friendly

SINGAPORE - The match between Singapore and Malaysia at the new Sports Hub’s National Stadium on Aug 8 has been postponed and rescheduled to a later date.

In a statement issued today (May 24), Football Association of Singapore (FAS) General secretary Winston Lee said more time was needed to prepare for the staging of the fixture (yeah, cos three or fours years just ain't enough time), and that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) had been informed.

“The initial response to the game has been very encouraging, confirming our belief that a Singapore-Malaysia game will always be a major crowd-puller,” he said.

“Given the high turnout expected, and to ensure a truly memorable experience and spectacle for every spectator, FAS has concluded that it will need more time to prepare for the event.”

This means the match between Italian Serie A champions Juventus and a Singapore Selection on Aug 16 is set to be the first football match to be held at the 55,000-seater National Stadium after it is completed next month.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Singapore Cup 2014

Four foreign teams as usual will join the fun this season. From the Philippines we get Global and Loyola Meralco Sparks while Cambodia has Naga Corp and Svay Riang. Laos' Champasak make up the foreign legion though I should of course point out DPMM, Albirex Niigata and Harimau Muda are also of course pretty foreign!

For those who know their way around an abacus, you will notice there are five additional foreign teams entered...Young Lions aren't entering this year.

26/05 Tanjong Pagar v Hougang United
27/05 Woodlands Wellington v Geylang International
27/05 Warriors v Balestier Khalsa
28/05 Svay Rieng v Albirex Niigata
29/05 Harimau Muda v Tampines Rovers
30/05 Home United v Naga Corp
31/05 Global v DPMM
01/06 Loyola v Champasak

Singapore Cup Past Years Winners

Year      Winner
1998      Tanjong Pagar United
1999      Singapore Armed Forces FC
2000      Home United
2001      Home United
2002      Tampines Rovers
2003      Home United
2004      Tampines Rovers
2005      Home United
2006      Tampines Rovers
2007      Singapore Armed Forces FC
2008      Singapore Armed Forces FC
2009      Geylang United
2010      Bangkok Glass FC
2011      Home United
2012      Singapore Armed Forces FC
2013      Home United


DPMM Suffer Rare Defeat

There is an air of confidence around Choa Chu Kang these days. The Warriors are sensing a return to the glory days that saw them dominate the SLeague for so many seasons.

Formerly known as SAFFC, I ain't writing all that down again, in their glory days they won the SLeague four straight years and won the Singapore Cup twice. An impressive haul yet you wonder why the architect of that team, Richard Bok, is not coaching another team.

But Alex Weaver, who was treated pretty shockingly last season at his last club, has quietly assembled an experienced squad and they have been quietly picking up points, tucking themselves in quite nicely behind the leading pack..which is of course DPMM.

After a recent 4-1 loss to Home United and a thrilling 3-3 draw with champions Tampines Rovers, Warriors fans may well have gone into the game with the current leaders with some feelings of trepidation. They needn't have worried.

They was to be no Arsenal style implosion, Warriors equipped themselves very well thank you and won 1-0 against Steve Kean's Brunei team. Hafiz Rahim scored the only game half way through the game and DPMM were unable to find an equaliser, slipping to only their second defeat of the season.

The three points took Warriors into second place, just four points  behind the leaders.


Persipura Top Of Western Conference

Mitra Kukar enjoyed some 24 hours at the top of the table but now it is Persipura's turn after they defeated Persiba Bantul 2-0 with two goals within the first nine minutes. Just 1,117 saw the game...what is that all about? Why are Persipura fans turning their back on the team?

In yesterdays other game, Persija were held 1-1 at Gresik United, another team whose fans are staying away...just 2,150 saw this game.

When you factor in Persebaya fans boycotting their 'team', and Persiram and PSM being forced to play outside their own cities you gotta wonder just what is going on at those football clubs.

The average attendance across the ISL is still over 10,000 but there is a marked difference between the eastern and western conferences.


Former Referee Says Aceh Is A 'Jungle'

The fall out from the death of Persiraja's Akli Fairuz continues with the goalkeeper who kicked him in the stomach saying the kick was 'unavoidable' and not 'violent'. Just check out the video and see if you agree with him or not.

Meanwhile, a former Indonesia referee has said that match officials do not enjoy doing games in the province of Aceh. Persiraja were playing PSAP, a local derby in the province, when the incident happened.

Jimmy Napitipulu said 'It’s like a jungle in Aceh. There are no rules. That’s why all referees always refuse when they’re assigned to Aceh. Players can do whatever they want.'

The full story can be found in the Jakarta Globe


Noor Hadi Leaves Persijap

Indonesian football clubs are nothing if not brutal. It is the transfer window and clubs around the country have been ruthlessly breaking players' contracts to make way for new signings.

As mentioned previously, Osas Marvelous has signed for Semen Padang from Persiram.

No surprise that it is the clubs at the bottom of the table who have been busiest.

Bottom placed Persijap have allowed local hero Noor Hadi to leave. The striker has signed for Barito Putra and such is often the way, his first game for his new club will come against...Persijap! In has come former Persitara midfielder John Tarkpor after a spell outside of Indonesia while Carlos Raul Sciuatti has also made the move.

One of the busiest teams has been Persiba Bantul. Ezequial Gonzales and Wahyu Widjianto have returned after spells at Semen Padang while Stevie Bonisapa has made the same journey.

PSM have released Robertinho and Mario Costas, bringing in Mamadou Diallo from Persih while Gresik United have also been busy, bringing in Gustavo Chena and Pedro Javier among others to try and reinvigorate their disappointing campaign.

Meanwhile, shot shy Persija have replaced Zelimir Terkes with former Persita striker Agus Salim.


Arema Lose First Home Game Of Season

Arema lost their first home game of the season after they went down 2-1 at home to Semen Padang. New signing Osas Marvellous scored twice for the visitors while Alfarasi hit a late consolation for the home side.

In unrelated news, the attendance at the Kanjuruhan Stadium was just 4,549. Recently, when Arema hosted Persija, there were more than 33,000. They are averaging more than 15,000 for the season and took several thousand to Jakarta for an away game.

All of a sudden they stay away from a home game?!

Mind you, Wednesday was an all round day of poor attendances.

Sriwijaya defeated Persik 2-0 thanks to goals from Vendry Mofu and Syakir Sulaiman in front of just 5,723. Normally, the Palembang side attract bigger crowds but the team has not been doing so well this season so fans have been staying away.

Mitra Kukar returned to the top of the eastern conference after they beat Persepam 3-1 in front of 2,300.

In Wednesday's other game, Perseru drew 1-1 with Persiram in a Papua derby played out in front of an impressive 275 people!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Anything Arsenal Can Do, Johor Darul Ta'zim Can Do

2-0 down away to defending champions LionsXII in the Malaysia Super League, Johor Darul Ta'zim looked to be down and out after the home team raced into a two goal lead.

Faris Ramli gave the home team the lead on 37 minutes before Zulfami Arifin made it 2-0 minutes later.

In an echo of Saturday's FA Cup final, have I mentioned Arsenal won, JDT pulled a goal back quickly through Pereya Diaz.

Luciano Figueroa levelled the scores before Diaz win the game for the visitors with 16 minutes to go.

1 - Selangor 16 10 4 2 19-11 34
2 - Pahang 16 9 2 5 29-19 29
3 - Johor Darul Ta'zim 16 8 5 3 17-9 29

Friday night sees JDT travel to Shah Alam to take on Selangor...victory for the Red Giants could well end JDT's title hopes?


Pelita Bandung Raya v Sevilla Ticket Prices

VIP - Rp 90,000
West Stand - Rp 50,000
East Stand - Rp 30,000
Behind Goals - Rp 10,000

Can't complain about them prices at all but still can't help thinking there is going to be a tiny attendance and the organisers need to get round local schools dishing out freebies.


Persebaya Thump PSM While Persib Held In Bandung Derby

Persebaya made it three wins in their last three games after they brushed aside PSM at the Bung Tomo Stadium in front of a meagre 1,300 fans.

ISL top scorer Emmanuel Kenmogne hit two to give him 11 for the season and making him the leading scorer in the league for the season. Greg Nwokolo and Lestalahu hit the others to make it 10 goals in their last three games for the Green Force.

Despite the good form on the pitch, the fans are staying away. Many of them see this Persebaya as not the real thing, instead being another club, Persikubar who were just parachuted into Surabaya.

Persib were held 2-2 by Pelita Bandung Raya at Jalak Harupat in the Bandung derby. Although perhaps it is a derby only in a geographical sense. The crowd has about half the attendance when Persib hosted Persija, a game that both teams see as their own classico

In a game of seven bookings, Persib took the lead through Tantan only for full back Wildansyah, Bandung born and bred and a former Persib player, to equalize in injury time.

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan restored PBR's lead in the second half only for Ferdinand Sinaga to leve the scores with seven minutes to play.

The point helps neither team, Persib still nine points off first placed Arema.

In Monday's games, Persela were held to a 2-2 draw by Pusam at the Surajaya Stadium. Addison Alves had the home side 2-0 inside 23 minutes only for the visitors to pull goals back by Lerby and Naser Al Sebai.

It was the first time Persela had dropped any points at home this season.

Persijap were defeated 2-0 at home by Persita in the battle of the celler dwellers on Monday. Jalwandi and Sirvi Arfani did the damage for the visitors and the win allowed them to pull away from the relegation places.

Said it before, will say it again. Persijap are doomed and their fans obviously think so...just 1,500 turned up to see them lose their fourth home game of the season.


Persipura Drop Striker Who Hit Five Goals In A Game!

Indonesian football can be a ruthless place. Put it this way, Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger would never have lasted as long as they did here...they would have been out withing weeks of winning nothing.

Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Abou Diaby would have been released from their contracts rather than have them clog up valuable space in the physio room.

Take Persipura's Eddie Foday Boakay for example. Last week, the striker hit five goals in Persipura's 9-2 rout of Yangon United in the AFC Cup.

Now he has been dropped by the club as they juggle their squad ahead of the second half of the ISL season as well as AFC Cup commitments.

In his stead has come Argentine midfielder Robertinho.


Akil Faruz (Persiraja) RIP

Another dead footballer in Indonesia.

Persiraja striker Akil Faruz died last Friday after being kicked in the stomach by the PSAP goalkeeper during the recent Aceh derby in Banda Aceh.

It wasn't really a kick though, was it? Just watch the video.

This report has Ismed Sofyan, the Persija full back, quoted as blaming the player's club, Periraja, for not treating him sooner.

Mind you, Ismed is also said to be chairman of the Indonesian footballers association!

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