Saturday, November 27, 2010


Scottish Referee Crisis

Singapore referees have offered to fly to Scotland to officiate Scottish Premier League games after the Scottish refs went on strike.

The Singaporean whistleblowers believe it would be a wonderful opportunity to experience football in another country and one told me, via Mabel of course, that they would love to try out their ideas in a football crazy country.

'Raising our arms in a Hitler style salute when issuing cards in Singapore has proved very popular with our friends,' said one 'so it makes sense to see how it would work in a foreign country.'

The match officials didn't seem so sure of their geography with one thing Scotland was a suburb of Manchester and another thinking that he would be able to ref a Liverpool game.

When I asked what they thought about players and coaches jumping up and down in the technical area they didn't seem to think that was a problem with one of them telling me that 'it's ok lah, it's not necessary to get so excited, it's only a silly game anyway, so better they just sit down and play with their i-Pad isn't it.'

It was pointed out to them that they may have problems getting a work permit they didn't seemed to perturbed with one saying 'no problem lah, just FT lah.'

After researching this story I now find out they decided to withdraw their offer when they were told there were no 'teh tarik' stalls at the stadiums.

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