Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sit Down, Oh Sit Down

There are many things you can do sitting comfortably and politely. You can watch a movie either at home or at the cinema. You can read the paper. You can have lunch. You can player computer games.

In Singapore you can add being a football coach. For some reason during last night's game between Young Lions and Etoile every time assistant coach Jorg Steinbrunner stood up to bark out instructions or just to stretch his legs you could be sure the over officious fourth official would be wandering over and telling him and his team to sit down.

Now the former Woodlands Wellington and Sengkang Punggol coach can be a rather animate character when he's pitch side. He's kicking every ball, casting doubts on everyone's parentage and generally keeping the match officials on their toes.

I've said before that in this part of the world things don't get done because they need to be done. Rather they get done because they can be done. A big difference and an example of insignificant people puffing out their chests and saying look what I can do.

You can't help but wonder how these over officious little men would handle the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourhino.

God knows there is little enough passion in Singapore at the best of times. Perhaps it's part of the Singapore FA's much heralded Strategic Plan to turn football into a spectator sport along the lines of Bridge or Bowls.

Someone left a comment on my FB abt this entry...

Pierre Foucaud," He pretty sums up what we have been saying throughout the season. Even when Moulin (x2) and Ncho (1) scored, the assistant referee warn the bench plaayers to sit down. WHERE ELSE in the world you see such referee asking the players NOT to celebrate with their teammates? I wish a local journalist would have written such article."
it's all part of the strategic plan to make singapore football one of the best in asia...
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