Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Lions triumph in Bangkok

Indonesia v Kuwait 1-1 (Budi Sudarsono; Ahmad Ajab)

Check out the match report which I posted the day before yesterday.

Thailand v Singapore 0-1 (Duric)

Will this shut the whiners up? For a while at least?

Malaysia v Uzbekistan 1-3 (Baddrol Bahtiar)

Hi "Me",

The whiners will still be in action, but I can't be bother to waste my time and energy on those bunch of @#$%&** .

I would just concentrate on my job in blogging Singapore football, those @#$%&** are just wasting people's time
Posted this on Pohui's blog but thought I drop a line here as well

I don't consider myself one of those whiners who incessantly gloat on the Lions' despondent performance on Saturday but I did not mince my words in my blog when I singled out shoddy display by individual players.

Last night, the Lions managed to successfully shut the gap of myself and thousand of others with a rare win in Bangkok.

The performance improved starkly as stressed which made one ponder if they really felt more comfortable playing in hostile away condition, not that the home crowd did much to get behind them on Saturday sadly.

The players I had scathing remarks on performed admirably and no one can say they did not play with their hearts on their sleeves.

Passing was crisp and intentful while the running of the front two, Khairul and Aleks were done nicely despite being caught offside on more than one occasion.
The fact that we had two glit edged chances in the second half meant that the win was not a fluke.

Saiful Esah played with more composure last evening and good to see the likes of him and Hariss Harun who likely to be featured in the SEA games in Laos doing well.

Of course we cannot discount on the fact that the match could swing the other way if the Thais were more clinical but the final result does not lie.

We have a long shot for the Asian Cup slot and let's hope the boys built from this result.

- wreckidigidy
Fish out of Water
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