Tuesday, May 25, 2010


VLeague Average Attendances

I've not given the VLeague half the coverage I had intended to...sorry, I've not given them 2% of what I had hoped. I blame laziness. Plus too many Ngyuens and Phams. And wierd club names. Anyway these attendance figures make interesting reading. Source Viet Football

Hai Phong 24,167
Da Nang 16,857
Dong Thap 16,167
Binh Duong 15,000

Thanh Hoa 10,500
Ninh Binh 10,500
HAGL 9,833
Khanh Hoa 9,714

SLNA 8,857
Nam Dinh 8,417
DT Long An 6,643
Ha Noi T&T 5,143

Hoa Phat 3,500
Navibank Sai Gon 3,167

Average attendance is 10,604 compared for example with Indonesia where 11,158 watched each game I last time I checked.

it looks like you have suffered the same problem as most foreigners who try to follow Vietnamese football, Anthony. :)

A bit offtopic, Vietnamese writing language is the Portuguese version of a heavily Chinese-influenced language. So, no doubt it's very hard to pronounce.
it took me long enough to learn the indonesian team names, so many persi's, then get my head round the players names...then on to singapore...then thai...

unfortunately vietnam and malaysia will miss out for the time bing.
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