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Malaysia Cup

Second leg today. Terengganu will have a passionate home support behind them as they seek to overcome a 1-0 deficit in the 1st leg against Negeri Sembilan while Perlis are two down against Kelantan.

Are we looking at a north eastern Final next week in KL?


Perlis v Kelantan 1-3 (Firdaus Fauzi; Nor Farhan 3) Kelantan win 5-1 on aggregate
Terengganu v Negeri Sembilan 1-3 (Khairul Izuan; Zaquan Ada 2, Hariuddin Omar) NS win 4-1 on aggregate

The Malaysia Cup Final will be played at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil on Saturday 7 November


Sofa available

If Steve Darby and Bryan Robson fancying coming to Indonesia to catch some of their players I would like to offer them my sofa.

It would save them a few bob on hotels and they would be able to get up close and personal to Kosin (Persib), Suchao (Persib), Pipat (Persisam) and Phaitoon (Persijap).

Obviously they couldn't both use the sofa at the same time, perhaps one could kip on the floor if they both come over.

And they would have to bring their own food or we could eat out? Some good pubs here...

Yep, it's a win win situation for everyone. The Thai FA saves a bit of money and they get to see their players.

Just hope they don't mind the rabbit shit and nappy duty.


FA websites

Which national FA does the best job of keeping fans and media informed?

Singapore FA

Indonesia FA
Indonesia Super League

Thailand FA

Malaysia FA

Vietnam FA
V League

And the winner is...a bit of a no brainer really. The Malaysians don't bother updating theirs, the Indonesian contributions are shocking, especially the ISL one, while the Thai looks good but my Thai language skills have grown rusty since I left. Likewise the Vietnamese would look better in English!

Of course there is no compulsion for FAs and Leagues to have websites in English. But there are wierdos out there who aren't necessarily from Asia and who are interested in the regional game.

Indonesia especially, bidding for the World Cup. You would think they would have some indo there for overseas media.

But it ain't my problem. If the FAs decided they don't want to have well designed web sites that are regularly updated then that's up to them innit?

Kudos to Singapore then who make the effort and have a dedicated team devoted to regularly updating their site.

And a donut to Vietnam and Thailand for keeping he locals at least fully informed. Add English pages regulalry and they can have some jam to fill their donuts.

Indonesia and Malaysia?


Persib to sign Suchao?

This Persib site says that the club have signed Thai international Suchao Nuchnum, currently with TOT.

As I reported here Persib were due to announce the arrival of a second Thai international along with Kosin and most people were guessing it would be Rangsan in whom they were interested.

Suchao of course has been in the news when he was recently shot at in Bangkok.


Thai Port news

The Thai Port blog is reporting Thai Port, who recently ended a trophy drought of 16 years, are interested in signing PEA defender Rangsan Vivatchaichok. Which is interesting because I understand Indonesian side Persib may also be resurrecting their interest in the Thai international.

Persib will have to pull their finger out though as the final registration for players is tonight! Teasingly they said a couple of days back that Chonburi keeper Kosin Hathairatnakul will be arriving next week with A N Other. Ooh them teases.

But I digress.

More Thai Port news sees them hoping to increase the capacity of their PAT Stadium to 10,000 in the hope they can play their AFC Cup home games there.

Oh and check this out...all that's missing is the attendances but that ain't his fault.

One more thing. Thai Port will travel to Vientiane to play the Laos U23 in a friendly today. How cool is that?


Recent results

Kata Cup, Phuket

Muang Thong United v Yadanarbon 4-2
Thailand v HAGL 2-2 (Thailand won 7-6 on penalties)

Singapore Cup

Bangkok Glass v TTM Samut Sakhorn 3-4 (Chatree 2, Jetsadorn og; Supakorn, Paul Bekombo 2, Worawut Wongsawad) 1, 187

Bangkok Glass win 9-4 on aggregate and play Geylang United in the final 8 November


SAF v Tampines Rovers 0-0 4,377


From Pussy Cats to Young Lions

It wasn't that long ago I did a piece on Jakarta Casual TV saying that the Young Lions were better off packing their bags and moving to Malaysia as that was the only way they were going to add the competitive bite that was necessary to their future development.

That was posted two days after a 1-1 draw with Super Reds, not a bad rsult as it happens, but look back at the run they were on at the time.


A single win at that came against Sengkang Punggol.

Next up was a 5-0 hammering by SAF and any Young Lions fans out there must have been wondering who or what had hexed them.

And then...

And then they somehow turned it all around as this recent run shows. (Taking into account their last game)


When I spoke with national team coach Raddy Avramovic earlier this month he put the change in fortunes down to a couple of friendlies back in June against Botswana and Indonesia where the Young Lions formed the backbone of the Under 23 squads that performed so admirably.

At the end of a season that has seen fans of Singapore football wailing and slashing their wrists in a frenzy of negativity perhaps there is a glimmer of hope.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


What the...

Anybody else having problems viewing the blog at the moment? The posts and side bar are miniscule and I can't read a thing!

How do I fix it? I tried contact Blogger Help but when I logged in they said my user name was already in use.

I know! By me you geeks...grr...


Exporting the ISL

Is the region ready to watch football from another country in the region?

That was a question I posed at the weekend and I sensed a slight sea change.

Since then I see one Singapore cable TV provider is asking customers whether or not viewers would like to see ISL games.

And the ISL itself is also engaged in some kind of research as to whether or not a market exists out there for their product.

Very laudable indeed. There is nothing wrong at all with a Singapore TV station looking to cash in on the new found interest in Indonesian football brought about by the departure of many top players south.

And there is nothing wrong with Indonesia trying to cash in on the new found interest. And with players coming here from Thailand and Australia that could be quite a bit of interest.

But the authorities here should play a canny game. Not one where they stretch out their hands and their eyes glaze over with dollar signs.

Singapore is interested now purely because of the likes of Noh Alam Shah and Mustafic Fahruddin. Take them out the equation and the interest will evaporate quickly.

Indonesia should offer selected games at a reasonable price and throw in a weekly highlights package in the same deal.

The price should be attractive enough to make the deal fair for all parties and the highlights show should be professionally packaged and produced, not like the shite they show locally where goals are accompanied by a death metal soundtrack.

Football here is much more of a culture than in other countries and showing not just the gams but stuff behind the scenes could be a dead cert winner.

Remember one reason why the Singaporeans came here? To experience the Indonesian football experience.

Export that experience and you stand more chance of hooking people than just showing games with one or two players in the spotlight.

But don't price yourself out of a market that doesn't even bloody exist yet.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Danang 360

Persijap v Bontang 1-0 (Edvaldo da Silva)

It was a nervy last few minutes for Persijap keeper Danang as he looked to keep his unbeaten run going for a fourth game. He punched clear a drive from Bahtiar and was rather fortunate for the ref to blow for an infringement instead of allowing Aldo Baretto's tap in to stand and deep in injury time he flung himself to his left to keep out Ali Khaddafi's header.

All that excitment means Persijap join Arema at the top of the ISL with 10 points from their four games.

Incidentally Phaitoon Thiabma came on for Persijap 10 minutes in to the second half but showed little attacking threat as the visitors, led by Baretto, piled on the pressure. How Bontang are going to need new signing Kenji Adichahara pretty bloody quick before they get sucked into a relegation struggle


Sriwijaya explain why they pulled Duric

Sriwijaya have that said they could not meet the demands of Singapore international striker Aleksander Duric.

The club who have won the Copa Indonesia in the last two seasons say that they were unwilling to pay for Duric and his family to stay in an executive apartment at Palembang's only 5 star hotel after they had arranged a mansion for his use.

They also baulked at paying a transfer fee to his current club, SAFFC, of about $9,000 USD.

It was of course being reported on Monday in Singapore that Duric had cancelled the move.

I interviewed Alex a couple of weeks back for Jakarta Casual TV which can be found here and he texted me after the move had broken down but I fear I cannot repeat what he said for there may be children reading!

In more bad news for Sriwijaya it has been revealed that players have not yet been paid for October though they hope to sort this out before their next home game against Persitara


Persisam prepare Pipat

Former Thai Port striker Pipat Thonkaya has had his first training sessions with his new team mates at Persisam and hopes are high that the Thai international can start hitting the net regularly. The newly promoted Borneo Eagles have just three goals n their first four games.

Interestingly he could come up against a familiar face.

On Sunday Persisam take on Persijap and we could see Pipat on the field in Central Java against Phaitoon Thiabma, back with Persijap after a short spell back in Thailand with Osotsapa.


Benson now an Aceh boy

Last season he played his part at the heart of an exciting Persitara side. But now Essiah Pello Benson (far right) will be parading his talents in much more humble surroundings. Reports have him signing for IPL side Persiraja in Aceh, at the northern most end of Sumatra.


Results 28 October

Malaysia Cup semi final 1st leg

Kelantan v Perlis 2-0 (Indraputra Mahayuddin,Rizal Fahmi)
V Terengganu Negeri Sembilan 1-0 (Aidil Zafuan)

Fascinating second legs coming up on Saturday. Can Terengganu overcome that slim deficit to set up an all north east Malaysia Cup Final. Or can Perlis go goal crazy and overturn Kelantan's 2-0 lead when they meet in Kangar?


Balestier Khalsa v Gombak United 0-4 (Gabriel Obatola 3, Fazrul Nawaz) 873
Tampines Rovers v Albirex Niigata 4-0 (Qiu Li, Khairul Amri, Benoit Croissant, Shariff Samat) 1,115

Kata Cup, Phuket

Muang Thong United v Hoang Anh Gia Lai 1-1 (3-4 on pens)
Thailand v Yadanarbon 2-0

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Champions' websites

From the four countries that I currently cover on this here slice of cyber space which club do you think does the best job of providing information to their fans and the world at large?

Indonesia - Persipura
Singapore - SAFFC
Malaysia - Selangor
Thailand - Muang Thong United

I suppose I could do this as one of them poll things but I'm in the pub and can't be arsed playing around with the html...


Sunday best

Sunday Seah was top scorer for Persiwa a couple of years back. Not bad for a goalkeeper! No I understand, after a year in the Indonesian Premier League he has found his way to Myanmar where he has joined the Delta United.

Also read on a message board that coach Ken Worden Terengganu will also be moving to Myanmar to coach South Myanmar United once the Turtles' Malaysia Cup endeth the run.

There will be at least one familar face already there as Peter Butler, a former coach of SAF, Persiba and Kelantan is now working with Yangon Myanmar United in the National League.

Oh yeah and Chonburi striker Mohamed Kone will also spend time at Yangon United before returning to Thailand next season


Out with the old

Last week's Thai FA Cup final between Thai Port and BEC Tero marked a watershed in Thai football. It brought together the new look TPL, rebranded and emphasizing community, against the old style Thai football. Corporate with no community backing.

BEC Tero are backed by a Thai TV station and have had their moment of glory in the recent past but even a commercial tie up with the Arsenal isn't enough to pull in the punters.

Imagine a tourist in Bangkok who fancies watching a game and tries looking for BEC Tero on a map? Ain't gonna happen.

They're not dead, far from it. They finished 3rd in the recently completed TPL and in Anon Sangsanoi they boast one of the most consistent strikers in the league. And don't foregt they arfe coached by Tawan Siriwan, one of the finest players of his generation and indeed the first Thai player I remember. (During the Asian Cup/Games in Hiroshima his name seemed the easiest for me to recall!)

Unfortunately for the team known as the Fire Dragons they are being surpassed by other clubs who are concentrating not just on the field but off it as well. Clubs like Chonburi and Muang Thong United are packaging and promoting themselves as 'local' clubs and their efforts have been paying off, proving a benchmark not just for Thailand but throughout the region.

Once upon a time the league was dominated by the likes of KTB, SET, TTM, PAT and KFC (OK, the last is bollocks but only 'cos no one actually thought of it!) but Thai-me to move on.

Thai Port are the new breed. Gone is the old name, PAT, and while I would prefer Klong Toey I appreciate I'm just a geezer with a lap top and when you look at the original in Thai it does make more sense. (Tha Reua is a name on the map)

Their crowds have grown over the last season and they were followed by bloody thousands at the Supachalasai Stadium when they won the FA Cup.

For BEC Tero the choices aren't necessarily immediate, there's no sign of them folding this week, but long term they maybe looking at jumping on the TPL gravy train by finding a home base and developing a home support.

'Cos let's face it. Fans brought up on the likes of Liverpool will feel a bit daft chanting for a TV station to win a football match.


Thai striker moves to India

It is being reported on this website that Thai Port striker Wisut Bunpeng has joined Viva Kerala and will make his debut for the struggling I League side against Sporting Goa this weekend.

If true Wisut will be the second Thai Port striker to leave the club days after winning the Thai FA Cup after Phipat moved to Persisam in the ISL.


Kelantan fans excited by Malaysia Cup run


The Sultan Mohd IV Stadium in Kota Baru is a “football heaven” for Kelantan coach B. Sathianathan.

The former national coach said that teams should look forward playing in Kota Baru and not be intimidated by their partisan fans.

“The kind of atmosphere you get playing here is lacking in Malaysian football,” said Sathianathan after Kelantan, backed by a sell-out 25,000 crowd, defeated KL Plus 3-0 in a Malaysia Cup quarter-final second-leg match on Saturday to advance 4-1 on aggregate.

It will be the third time that Kelantan will be playing in the semi-finals after 1998 and 2001 under coach M. Karathu and K. Rajagopal respectively.

“It is just not only the environment that makes the difference for Kelantan but also the strong support of the management, led by the FA president, Tan Sri Annuar Musa,” said Sathianathan. (!)

The players are well motivated as they received a bonus for making the semi-finals at a luncheon hosted by Tan Sri Annuar yesterday.

The players received RM2,000 each last week for qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Sathianathan also paid tribute to their travelling die-hard fans from the Klang Valley for the crucial home game.

“It is a pity they don’t have a bigger stadium to accommodate all their passionate football fans,” he said.

The game is so big in Kelantan that fans are willing to purchase tickets in black market, which cost four times more than the original price.

The chairman of the team management committee, Azman Ibrahim, said that tickets for the match against KL Plus were snapped up barely two hours after the counters were opened on match day.

“We have to tighten security at the ticket booths to avoid any ugly incidents,” he said.

Kelantan will be at home in the semi-final first-leg match against Perlis tomorrow.

“Perlis are a strong team and we need a good result at home,” said Sathianathan, who hopes to take the Red Warriors to their only second final in the history of the Malaysia Cup after 1970 when they lost 0-2 to Perak.

“If my men can play the same way against KL Plus and with the overwhelming fan support, we should be on our way to the final.”

National player Indra Putra Mahayuddin is the vital cog in the Kelantan team together with Mohd Norfarhan Mohd and Che Hishamuddin Hassan.

“Some of the players have been consistent and Indra has been outstanding throughout. If we had the services of skipper Mohd Badri (Radzi, who is injured) in midfield, we would be commanding in our attack,” said Sathianathan.

Meanwhile, Plus Expressways Bhd managing director, Noorizah Abdul Hamid, said that it had been an encouraging outing for the club side in their first season in the top flight.

“We should pick up the pieces from here and come back stronger,” she said


Indonesia arrange new friendly

As part of their preparations for the forthcoming Asian Cup qualifiers against Kuwait home and away Indonesia have lined up a friendly.

They will play PS TNI on 29 October.

Woo woo. This is just what Bambang and the boys will need ahead of two vital games. A run out against the local armed forces.

Just read back a few posts and see what the Vietnamese and Singaporeans have been doing recently. Then think about this again. The army.

Woo, bet the boys were bowled over at the opportunity to mix it on the pitch eh?

Woo fucking woo.


Bangkok Glass reach Singapore Cup final

TTM Samut Sakorn v Bangkok Glass 0-6 (Gbenga Ajayi 3, Sarun Promkeaw, Tanat Wongsupphalak, Rungroch Sawangsri) 500

Game, tie was over after 10 minutes...though of course the Smokers could still win the 2nd leg 7-0! Looks like the Glass Rabbit will face Geylang United in the final


And there's more!

Kenji Adachihara (Albirex Nigata - Bontang)
Takotoshi Uchida (Albirex Niigata - Persebaya)

Not confirmed of course until they pull on the shirt of their 'new' club!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Vietnam competitions

I'm beginning to get more than a bit confused by all that's happening in Vietnam these days. Just take a look at this little lot over recent weeks

20/10 Vietnam U23 v Chunnam Dragons 1-2 (Friendly)
20/10 v Vietnam 1-0 Turkmenistan (HCMC International Tournament, HCMC)
22/10 v Vietnam 0-2 South Korean University (HCMC International Tournament)
24/10 v Singapore 2-2 Vietnam (HCMC International Tournament)
27/10 Ann Hoang Gia Lai Muang Thong United v (Word Cup, Phuket)
29/10 Ann Hoang Gia Lai v Thailand / Yadanabon (Word Cup, Phuket)
05/11 Vietnam U23 v Singapore (VFF Cup/Smart Door Cup, Hanoi)
07/11 Vietnam U23 v China (VFF Cup/Smart Door Cup, Hanoi)
08/11 - 14/11 BIDC Cup (Phnom Penh) featuring Ann Hoang Gia Lai and Ninh Binh Vissai Cambodia & Lao plus U23s
09/11 Vietnam U23 v Thailand (VFF Cup/Smart Door Cup, Hanoi)
20/11 - 29/11 BTV Cup (Binh Duong) featuring Becamex Binh Duong, Da Nang shB, SLNA and T & T Ha Noi plus four foreign sides


Pipat Borneo bound at last?

Persisam finally get their man?

Coach Aji Santoso is hoping that Thai international Pipat Tonkaya will finally solve his striking woes. One report has the Thai FA Cup winner flying into Jakarta today but shouldn't he be in Phuket with the national team?

If the move is completed Pipat will partner former Persib and Persikota striker Zaenal Arief as Persisam seek the goals that will pull them out of the bottom half of the table after a poor start to the season.

The newly promoted side has invested heavily during the pre season but little had been added to the attack.

Only recently Thai Port had expressed the hope that the 30 year old striker, on loan from Raj Pracha, would stick around for TPL 2010.


Duric pulls Sriwijaya deal?

According to Red Sports, SAF striker Aleksander Duric is set to reject a move to Indonesian side Sriwijaya. Summat to do with the contract he was sent to sign bore no relation to the one he had agreed on when he had visited Palembang previously.


ISL Results 25 October

Persiwa v PSM 3-0 (Boakay 2, Rumaropen) 5,000
Persisam v Arema 0-1 (Chmelo) 10,000
Bontang v Persema 1-2 (Bahtiar; Brima Pepito, Sutaji) 2,905
Persipura v Persiba 1-1Kabes; Hendro) 5,000

1 - Arema 4 3 1 0 4-1 10
2 - Persiwa 3 2 1 0 9-2 7
3 - Persijap 3 2 1 0 4-0 7
4 - Persiba 4 2 1 1 7-6 7
5 - Persela 3 2 1 0 3-1 7

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Malaysia Cup semi finalists


Winners -
Runners up - 1955, 1970


Winners - 2004, 2006
Runners up - 2005

Negeri Sembilan

Winners - 1948
Runners up - 2000, 2006


Winners - 2001
Runners up - 1973, 1982, 1998,

The fact that these four sides have only recently found success in this most historic of competitions, and throw in Kedah, shows how the Malaysian football map has changed over the years.

Selangor (32 wins) and Singapore (24) have dominated since its early days and no other side has won more than 10 times.

More stats can be found here.


Thai international shot at

Suchao Nutnum, the TOT defender, had shots fired at him in the early hours of Friday morning, news report here, but I understand he made training and gave no indication of anything untoward happening.

Can you imagine if it had been an English player? He would be on the phone to his pet journo, he'd have sympathetic photos of him and his suitably concerned looking WAG staring puppy like out of the tabloid before checking themselves in counselling, booking a couple of TV shows then writing a book about it.

All before breakfast.

Suchao goes to training, says not a word and is now preparing to go to Phuket for the Kata Cup while his team mates draw straws for who will sit next to him on the team bus.

Them 18 hour drinking sessions must seem pretty tame now to Robbo!


Singapore v Indonesia

This friendly has been put back until 4th November, originally it was set for 2nd but I understand, from this end, that the Singaporeans asked for the change.


Persebaya eye SLeague

Persebaya scouts were at the recent SLeague game between Albirex Niigata and Super Reds. They had gone there to look at Kazuki Yoshino, the Albirex defender. They weren't so impressed by his performance but instead are looking at the possibility of signing Park Chun Yung from the Super Reds.

Making a judgement call based on a single game?


Cup Final Day, Bangkok

For some cracking images Gromit, of Thai Port fans on FA Cup Final day last Friday check out these from the Thai Port blog.


Results 24/10

Indonesia Super League

PSPS v Persijap 0-0

Three consecutive clean sheets for former Sriwijaya keeper Dede Sulaiman as PSPS blanked out early leaders Persijap at the Rumbai Stadium in Pekanbaru. Noor Hadi, who hit a hat trick last time out for Persijap, hit the foot of the post with a free header, as opposed to a header you must book in advance on line and pay for using a credit card.


Super Reds v Albirex Niigata 2-2 (Jeon Byung Euk 36'Choi Dong Soo 57'Tetsuya Kishida 14'

Mid table nothingness but looks like it might have been a good game between two sides who play pretty good football. The SLeague table has been amended to show DPMM being kicked out (shame on you Blatter).

Malaysia Cup

Kelantan v KL Plus 3-0 (Indra Putra, Norfarhan 2) Kelantan win 4-1 on agg
Kuala Muda v Negeri Sembilan 0-3 (Shukor Adan, Adha Zakuan, Shahurain Abu Samah) Negeri Sembilan win 5-0 on agg
Perlis v Johor 2-0 (Amar Rohidan, Nizaruddin Yusof) Perlis win 4-1 on agg
Terengganu v Selangor 1-1 (Abdul Manaf Manat; Surendran) 2-2 on agg. Terengganu win 5-4 on pens

Semi final draw

Kelantan v Perlis
Negeri Sembilan v Terengganu

1st leg 27 October, 2nd leg 31 October. Final 7 November

So the private clubs fell by the wayside and mighty Selangor hit the dust on penalties, I did say they faced a tricky task (!), leaving three sides from the North of Malaysia vying for the right to be crowned Malaysia Cup winners 2009


Singapore triumph in HCMC

HO CHI MINH CITY, 24 October 2009: A 2-2 draw with hosts and Asean champions Vietnam was enough for Singapore to emerge victorious in the Ho Chi Minh International Tournament.
Shahril Ishak captained the country for the first time on his 71st appearance in the absence of the suspended Noh Rahman. With two wins under the Lions' belts, they only needed a draw to win the tournament outright following Vietnam's 2-0 defeat to the Korean University Selection Team on Matchday 2.
The hosts were to draw first blood after 18 minutes when Nguyen Quang Hai was put through and he confidently lifted his effort beyond Lionel Lewis.
The lead was to last barely eight minutes. Aleksandar Duric's scored his third goal of the tournament when he reacted fastest to Rosman Sulaiman's low hard cross into the box to toe-poke home from close range. It was his eighth goal for the Lions in 18 appearances.
Duric should have made it 2-1 seconds after the break but he sent substitute Fazrul Nawaz's tentalising centre over the bar from just in front of goal.
Five minutes later, Fazrul would then capitalise on a good spell for Singapore to give the Lions the lead when he reacted fastest to smash the ball into the far corner from outside the box with his weaker left foot.
Just when it seemed Singapore would cruise to victory, that was denied when goalkeeper Lionel Lewis conceded a penalty six minutes from time.
Vu Nhu Thanh smashed home the spot kick and despite some frantic pressure from the home side, Singapore were well worth the point, the US$20,000 prize and another piece of silverware for the trophy cabinet.
Duric was also named the Man-of-the-Match and Player of the Tournament.

Ho Chi Minh City International Tournament
Vietnam 2
(Nguyen Quang Hai 17', Vu Nhu Thanh pen 85')
(Aleksandar Duric 26’, Fazrul Nawaz 51')
Thong Nhat Stadium
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Singapore: Lionel Lewis (gk), Rosman Sulaiman, Precious Emeujeraye, Daniel Bennett, Shaiful Esah (Juma'at Jantan 69'), Itimi Dickson (Fazrul Nawaz 18'), Hariss Harun, John Wilkinson, Shahril Ishak (captain)(Isa Halim 86'), Khairul Amri (Tengku Mushadad 75') and Aleksandar Duric
Quotes from Coach Radojko Avramovic:
- On positives from the tournament...
It was good to see us continue with our winning mentality. We went into the game against the hosts with the intention of scoring goals and we achieved our result.
Overall, it was important that we are together after a long time. Despite very little training time, we had this competition and our players have done much better than expected. They have all played to their best.
- On taking our chances
It is encouraging to see us trying to score goals. When we create chances, we will always score. At least we are creating (chances), as this will pay off in future games.
- On Khairul Amri's progress
Amri is still short of competition form and far from his best. He should do better as he is capable of being much better.
- On looking forward to the crucial qualifiers against Thailand
I'll see what players we have available and assess the situation from there before preparing our team to win those games. We have a few injury concerns. First Agu was injured and today both Itimi (Dickson) and Shaiful (Esah) picked up muscle injuries. We also have the other players who are not here joining us.


Sutee impresses down under

Melbourne coach Ernie Merrick has described Saturday's 3-1 win over Adelaide as his team's best 90-minute performance of the year and a shining example of the depth the club has at its disposal.Melbourne's new-look side featured two players who had never started a game for the club before in Sutee Suksomkit and Mate Dugandzic and both played major roles as the Victory recorded an eighth straight success over the Reds.

Merrick described the win as the best of the club's six successes this season and said that the players wanted to make amends for their previous appearance at Etihad Stadium, which resulted in a 3-0 defeat by Sydney.

"It was a just a very impressive performance. I think there was very crisp inter-passing the first half, the second half we scored two goals. I think the main thing out of tonight is that the boys really wanted to atone for the loss against Sydney. We not only played good football, we wanted to score goals and win the game," he said.

"I'd say it was our best 90 minutes. I think we could have scored a couple more with the one on ones at the end. I thought Eugene Galekovic pulled off a couple of brilliant saves," he said.Dugandzic, who scored the first two goals of the match in the 17th and 56th minutes, impressed his coach not for his ability to find the net, but his commitment in defence.

"He was very conscientious in defending as well as attacking. Scott Jamieson couldn't get past him. We were surprised with his engines, we thought we'd have to substitute him, but he just kept going and going," he said.

Dugandzic, who turned 20 last Thursday, said he was delighted to have made such an impression so early in his Hyundai A-League career."It’s great to do that in front of family and friends here in Melbourne. It’s really satisfying," he said.Merrick also lavished praise on Suksomkit, who was making his first appearance of a nine-match guest stint.

"Sutee, he surprised us with how fit he was. His technical ability on the ball was first class. He's got a sweet left foot and under pressure, when people dive in, he always beats them. Coping with that in his first game, a big crowd and high expectations, I thought he was fantastic," he said.

The coach described the squad he has at his disposal this season as the best in the five years of the competition, saying he could rely on the depth more this year then before.

"At Melbourne Victory for sure. Gary (Cole), Aaron (Healey) and myself agree that it’s beginning to pay off. Even season three we would have said that players were struggling. But now we have proven through being persistent that we’ve got a really good squad."

"But we can’t sit back and rely on that. We have to keep on turning on that sort of performance week in, week out," he said.

Adelaide coach Aurelio Vidmar said that there were some positives to take out of the defeat, but that the club needed to get to the bottom of why it is unable to perform for the full 90 minutes.

"There was a positive tonight, we scored. That's the first time in five outings against Melbourne that we had scored," he said. "The first half was pretty weak. One team was out there trying to win and the other was just playing. We changed that around in the second half but it was far too late."

"You've got to be motivated every week to play. I don't know why we can do it in the second half and not in the first half, you just can’t wait to the 50th minute to start playing."

COMMENT - this was from a report sent by someone. Reading it was like a trip down memory lane for me with names like Merrick, Cole and Vidmar. Vidmar was with Adelaide City in the old NSL while Merrick was with Preston and Cole at Brunswick? I am willing, indeed eager, to be corrected. There is something dead sad about recalling names and clubs from 20 years ago in a league that most Aussies are trying to forget!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


ASEAN football on TV?

Is it time for the ASEAN football to be shown on regional TV?

I was flicking through the channels of South African television the other day in a bar and I was seeing shows, or previews, dedicated to Zambian football, plus of course Kenyan, South African. And that was in just 60 seconds.

It will never happene here though. The poncey middle class wannabes in this area are so fixated on being tropical Little Englanders what they think goes on in their own backyard is trash.

But maybe now there are subtle signs things are changing.

The Singaporean exodus to Indonesia has of course set the tone. The media in Lion City is gleefully telling people back home about the traffic jams and delayed flights that are such a key part of life here, typical scare stories by a government controlled press happy just to show how perfect things are at home.

With Thai players coming to Indonesia and other movements on the cards surely the time is right to consider a pan of ASEAN football show on a regular basis. Football fans have been starved ever since the plug was pulled on Star Sports Top Corner.

But imagine a regular 45 minute show featuring extended highlights plus interviews with key people in The Game as well as a look at the unique footballing culture that exists in the region. Like the Thais wai-ing anything that moves, Indonesian fans and people in Singapore singing happy birthday at half time while eating chicken rice.

There is a lot of ignorance about one's neighbors in the region and such a show would go a long way to dispelling the myths and outright bullshit that is spread by various media in various countries.

And as for sponsorship. Tap into all these budget airlines. Get a kit manufacturer to sponsor a fan of the week and let them get a free kit and merchandise. Have a road trip sponsored by a chain hotel.

Yesterday was the Thai FA Cup Final. Coming soon the Singapore and Malaysia Cup Finals. Singapore against Thailand home and away. The list and opportunities are endless.


Politician jumps on Thai football bandwagon

Some Thai politician has suggested that ASEAN bid formally for the World Cup in 2018. Christ, the things these people do for a few inches. Column inches I meant.

First, there is no way on this earth 10 nations can host a World Cup. Second there is no way ASEAN can agree on anything long enough to host anything beyond a gob fest for other politicians. And third...the bidding process is already under way.

The best way politicans can help football is by not getting involved. At any level.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Thai Port win the FA Cup

Thai Port v BEC Tero 1-1 (Thai Port win 5-4 on pens)


The weekend ahead

I had intended to do a Jakarta Casual TV broadcast for this but decided I didn't really have the time to source the pictures or prepare visuals. After all, no bugger wants my boat glaring out at them from their computer screen.

Some Indonesian action around the islands. On Sumatra new boys PSPS Pekanbaru are winless after their opening three games but they face a tough challenge tomorrow when they host Persijap who currently sit 3rd boasting a 100% record. The side from Central Java have also yet to concede a goal and Noor Hadi has started the season in fine form netting three of their four goals so far. Still, coach Junardi sees room for improvement and is still looking at getting former player Phaitoon Thiabma back now the TPL has ended.

A few games on Sunday with the highlight perhaps seeing leaders Arema take on another new boy Persisam. New signing for Arema Noh Alam Shah scored twice against Bontang midweek and he will be looking to continue his goal scoring ways against a Persisam side who narrowly defeated Persema last time out.

Daniel Roekito will be hoping a full strength Persiba will be able to take the game to champions Persipura when they collide in Makassar. The Black Pearls have yet to win this season, two draws on the road, and while this game is being played on the island of Sulawesi it is considered ahome game as their own Mandala Stadium is being readied for ACL action next season.

Persiwa are at home to PSM so expect three points for the home team. Again.

The Thai season is over. Indeed as I write this the FA Cup Final should have just ended between Thai Port and BEC Tero. For the JCTV piece I had prepared a lengthy piece about this game but, well, too late innit.

Sod all to in Singapore with the national team looking for a 3rd straight win in Vientnam when they take on the hosts in the HCM International Tournament.

Quarter final 2nd leg day in Malaysia Cup with Selangor facing a tricky trip to Terengganu after drawing 1-1. Perlis should get past Johor but the only evidence I offer is that they won the away leg which is hardly scientific. They also have MSL top scorer Nizaruddin so there.

Negeri Sembilan should also ease past Kuala Muda while Kelantan with home advantage should have the edge over KL Plus.

I had hoped to get to see Pelita Jaya v Persebaya but it was put back to December...


Two out of two for Raddy's Lions

HO CHI MINH CITY, 22 October 2009: Two first half goals from Aleksandar Duric and a goal each from Khairul Amri and Masrezwan Masturi gave Singapore a 4-2 win over Turkmenistan in the HCMC International Tournament in Vietnam.

The Lions dominated possession from the opening whistle as they created numerous chances against the back pedaling Turkmenistan defense.

Duric opened the scoring in the ninth minute after trapping a long ball from captain Noh Rahman and rifling a right foot shot into the top corner.

Turkmenistan equalized five minutes later through a penalty after Hassan Sunny fouled an on coming Turkmenistan forward in the area and up stepped Berdy Shamuradov to slot in the penalty

The Lions created several chances as they first half wore on but both Duric and his strike partner, Agu Casmir, failed to capitalise on them.

Duric finally managed get the vital second goal and his seventh goal for Singapore as he finished off a move started by Casmir and Shahril Ishak in the 38th minute as Singapore headed into the break with a well deserved lead.

Singapore started the second half in a furious tempo as they lay siege on the Turkmenistan defense.

Khairul Amri and Masrezwan Masturi, who came as on substitutes for Duric and Fazrul Nawaz, were combining well and carved open the defense with the darting runs around the penalty area.

On the hour mark, Masturi beat the offside trap and clipped in Singapore’s third over the on rushing goalkeeper.

Amri got his ninth international goal in the 77th minute to give Singapore a commendable three goal cushion.

Turkmenistan got their second goal of the game after a swift counter attack left the Lions’ defense scrambling and striker Guvanchmuhammet Ovekov easily scored from close range.

Ho Chi Minh City International Tournament

Singapore 4
Aleksandar Duric 9’, 38’
Masrezwan Masturi 60'
Khairul Amri 77'

Turkmenistan 2
Berdy Shamuradov 14th (pen)
Guvanchmuhammet Ovekov 84th

Singapore: Hassan Sunny, Noh Rahman (C) (Rosman Sulaiman 46’), Daniel Bennett (Sevki Sha'ban 68’), Precious Emuejeraye, Shaiful Esah, Shahril Ishak, Isa Halim, Hariss Harun, Fazrul Nawaz (Masrezwan Masturi 46’(Juma'at Jantan 68’)), Aleksandar Duric (Khairul Amri’), Agu Casmir (John Wilkinson 80’)
Comments from Coach Radojko Avramovic

On the Singapore’s performance

We played well and created many chances in today’s game, especially in the first half but because of good goalkeeping and the players’ eagerness to score, we weren’t able to increase the score line.

On Khairul Amri and Masrezwan Masturi scoring

I am happy for them. They both had a good game and they could have scored a lot more today. A game like this will encourage them to work harder for future games.

On the players performance

Aleksandar Duric had a good game as he scored two goals and also created many chances for the other players. Hariss Harun and Isa Halim played well too as they controlled the midfield and helped out in the defense when needed.

On any injuries

Agu (Casmir) twisted his ankle and Mas (Masrezwan Masturi) hurt his back. Most likely they will not play on Saturday against Vietnam

Sat, 24 Oct (1615hr) (local time)VIETNAM vs SINGAPORE


ISL Results

PSPS v Persela 0-0 15,000
Persiwa v Persiba 4-0 (Eric Weeks 2, Rumaropen, Eddy Baokay) 5,000

Bontang v Arema 1-2 (Moses; Noh Alam Shah 2) 10,000
PSM v Persipura 1-1 (Christian Carrasco; Alberto Goncalves) 15,000
Persisam v Persema 1-0 (Ronald Fagundez) 5,000

Persiba, with a 100% record after their first two games sent a weakend side to Wamena and were roundly thumped for their troubles. Technical Director Daniel Roekitio elected to keep Julio Lopez, Robertinho and Mijo back in Balikpapan figuring it was difficult to get a result in the Papuan highlands and that he would have a better chance of getting a result against Persipura when they meet in Makassar.

Noh Alam Shah hit his first goals in the ISL as he inspired Arema to come from behind and take the lead at the top of the table, ahead of Persela 'cos their first letter is an A.

Fagundez' 15th minute penalty was, the gossips have it, enough to save coach Aji Santoso's job. Newly promoted Persisam had started the season poorly with a 5-2 defeat away to Persema and 0-0 against someone else, both away. Santoso has invested heavily in this squad but he is a little lightweight up front. Though to be fair no team boasting Danilo Fernando can be said to be lightweight.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Dez Corkhill Interview

A couple of weeks back when I was last in Singapore I interviewed Dez Corkhill for Jakarta Casual TV. Dez has long done his best to promote South East Asian football and now commentates on SLeague games for some local channels.

Since then the interview has gone on to be the most viewed piece on Jakarta Casual TV, nothing spectacular we're just talking hundreds, as well as being discussed in circles high and low.

It has also recieved the most comments and ratings on You Tube.

Red Sports devoted a page to the interview here while a post on while a post on while a post on Kallang Roar sees some posters calling for Dez to be the next President of the Singapore Cricket Association, a sentiment echoed by the fellas behind the Sengkang Punggol blog, Fish Out of Water.

But why should an interview with the Home guy about Singapore football elicit such a response?


ISL fixtures

There are, to paraphrase some numpty, few certainties in life. Death of course is one. Stupid people with loud shirts on airplanes another and not forgetting boring soap operas.

But here in Indonesia we have another, uniquelly Indonesia certainty. Changes to the fixture list.

I've not detailed the ones that have happened so far, Persija and Persitara have had games rearranged, but now I will.

This Sunday's game between Pelita Jaya and Persebaya has been put back to December. The reason for the cancellation? The police in Bandung, PJ's temporary home unil there more permanent base, at least for this season, is brought up to scratch in Karawang, have decided they don't want to deal with Persebaya's notorious away support.

Furry muff. I suppose a simple order banning them from travelling would have sufficed but hey?

And Persitara's game at home to Persik has also been rescheduled to December. Reason? No games allowed in October and this particular game had been pencilled in for 31 October. They couldn't put the game back one day?

Just don't go booking your holidays round the ISL.


The curious affair of Kosin to Persib

The last I heard this end was that Thai international keeper Sinthaweechai 'Kosin' Hathairatnkul was due to arrive in Indonesia at the beginning of this week but that had been put back because he needed to get a new passport.

Then he would come at the weekend, despite the fact he would be on international duty with Thailand in the Kata Cup but I guess the mouth wasn't aware of that small matter.

Now I am hearing from a couple of sources in Bangkok that he won't be coming period.

All very curious.

I understand Persib have already registered him as their player for this current 2009/2010 season.

In this interview with Jakarta Casual TV Kosin talked about the pending move to Persib, saying nothing had been signed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Good news, bad news for Vietnam

Vietnam U23 v Chunnam Dragons 1-2 (Phan Thanh Hung ; Hong Youl, Min Ho)

Ho Chi Minh City International Tournament

Vietnam v Turkmenistan 1-0 (Nguyen Quang Hai)


Pelita Jaya v Persik 1-1

Heartbreak for Fandi Ahmad's Young Guns as the same old problems from last season returned to haunt them in their first home game of the new season.

Things started brightly enough for Pelita Jaya as they took the lead through their new signing, Colombian international Edison Fonseca, in the first minute but from then on it was same old, same old for Pelita Jaya as they failed to capitalise.

Deep in injury team keeper Dian Agus Prasetyo failed to deal with a corner and his half hearted punch landed perfectly for Wawan to equalise for Persik.


Thai training

The Thai national team, under the watchful eyes of coaching duo Bryan Robson and Steve Darby are heading down to Phuket for a few days.

They have a kick around on 24 October before playing against HAGL, newly crownd Muang Thong United and some teams from Myanmar in the Word Cup.

I guess all this means Arsenal will have to wait a bit longer for Kosin who they had hoped, and told the media, would arrive this weekend.


Steve Darby Column

Bryan Robson has been here a week already and he is really loving it. The reception by the fans has been magnificent and he says he can feel a real genuine love of football here at all levels of The Game.

His aim is of course to watch as many players as possible and he enjoyed The Game Muanthong v BEC on Sunday and the BEC v Port Thai Cup finals is the next task. However, nights have been used to watch DVDs of Thailand games and of course Singapore games so that we can prepare as Professionally and as well as possible.

His initial reaction has been very positive and he has highlighted that players have taken his eye.

The Thai league was a great year for football and I can not wait for next season to start. Will Muanthong and Chonburi be able to keep their dominance? Or will teams like BEC, Thai Port and Bangkok Glass boost their squads for a closer challenge. It's no different to the EPL!

Zico will be leaving which is a great pity as I thought not only was he a legend player but was developing into an excellent coach. Also there is the danger that Indonesia and Vietnamese clubs will come to Thailand and "Plunder" some of our best players to go to their leagues.

The answer is simple, economics! Football is a profession and a very short and precarious one. So players have to go where they can maximize their talents to support their families. The same as in any type of job. The answer is Thai league clubs can acquire the funds to keep the players and they can even bring some back from overseas? The Singapore League is really Struggling with 6 star players suddenly leaving for Indonesia. It's great if a player leaves for Europe both for the individual and the professional development of The Game and we have players who have that ability. But it's not good for our game is they are attracted to the lower leagues by bigger Salaries.

I think there will be many positive initiatives in the TPL next year and Dr. Vichit is working hard to undertake this. The National Team program and the TPL are working in harmony to work out what is best for the players and for the fans.

The season will be here soon and Muanthong will be in action in the Champions league play offs against SAF of Singapore and Da Nang of Vietnam. Great games and times for Thai football.


Results 20/10

Malaysia Cup

KL Plus v Kelantan 1-1 (Fadli Shaari; Indra Putra)
Negeri Sembilan v Kuala Muda 2-0 (Zaquhan Adha, Hairuddin Omar)
Johor v Perlis 1-2 (Ezzaidy Kahar; Soley, Saarani)
Selangor v Terengganu 1-1 (Amri Yahyah; Zari Anuar)

2nd leg to be played Saturday


Woodlands Wellington v Geylang United 0-1 (Kim Jae Hong) 1,219


Singapore narrow win

HO CHI MINH CITY, 20 October 2009: A superb John Wilkinson header midway through the first half sealed a 1-0 win for Singapore over the Korea University Selection Team in the opening match of the Ho Chi Minh City International Tournament at the Thong Nhat Stadium.

Man-of-the-Match Wilkinson timed his run into the box perfectly to meet club-mate Shaiful Esah’s wickedly struck freekick directing his header into the corner giving the rooted Korean keeper no chance.

Khairul Amri made his first appearance for the Lions in almost a year after an injury-plagued season, starting up front with Aleksandar Duric and had an useful 60-minute workout.

Geylang forward Masrezwan Masturi also put on a Singapore jersey for the first time in almost three years after being in the international wilderness and played the first half on the right side of midfield.

Ho Chi Minh City International Tournament
(John Wilkinson 25’)
Thong Nhat Stadium
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Comments from Coach Radojko Avramovic:

On the opponents:

The Koreans are a good side physically and they were exactly what I expected. They were very disciplined in defence and overall they were a good test for us.

On Singapore’s performance:

We did well and overall it’s important that we keep having this winning mentality of going into every game looking to win. I would say it’s a very encouraging performance.

On the return of Khairul Amri:

It was not just Amri but Tengku and Masrezwan who have not played for the National Team for a long time. They did their part but they are still a long way from competition form as they’ve not played international football for a while.

On the goal:

It was a good delivery from Shaiful and John timed his run perfectly. It’s the kind of standard situation that we’ve been working on and whether it’s John or someone else at the end of it, a goal is a goal.

On the importance of the clean sheet:

Precious and Daniel at the back did very well although we allowed too many crosses to come in. That will be something we have to look to cut out. Lionel and Hassan generally were very comfortable at the back.

On the rest of the tournament:

It’s a very good tournament with good teams and I’ll be looking to give everybody opportunities to play. It’s coming to the end of a long season and it’s important that everyone remains fresh and fit for the challenges ahead.

Remaining fixtures for Singapore:
Thurs, 22 Oct (1600hr) (local time)SINGAPORE vs TURKMENISTAN
Sat, 24 Oct (1615hr) (local time)VIETNAM vs SINGAPORE

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Malaysia Cup

Quarter final first legs tonight. Favourites Selangor take on Terengganu at the Shah Alam Stadium and in my humble opinion could be in for a hard night. And that piece of wisdom is based on 90 minutes watching the team known as the Turtles beat Johor 4-2 earlier in the month. Their assistant coach Mohamad Nik is warning them against losing concentration.

Kelantan have enjoyed a good season back in the big time, reaching the FA Cup Final earlier in the season. Tonight they play KL Plus at Cheras where they expect to be roared on by 10,000 travelling fans. Not that the home side's manager Husni Mohd Yusuf is worried. He says "But we have the experience of playing to full houses away and we will not be intimidated." Meaning of course their home support ain't that great. Which is understable. Who wants to support a team named after a toll road?

Perlis make the long journey south to take on Johor FC, wonder if they use that toll road, looking to Nizaruddin Yusop for goals. The MSL top scorer had been courted by Sriwijaya but their coach Rahmad Darmawan finally plumped for SAF striker Aleksander Duric, deciding that Nizaruddin was too young.

It will be friends reunited in the other tie tonight as Negeri Sembilan take on Kuala Muda but coach Wan Jamak Wan Hassan is feeling confident as he recalls loan signing Hairuddin Omar.


Vietnamese football

It has proven pretty difficult to get the low down on Vietnamese and until now I have had to content myself with sourcing a couple of on line papers and that's about it. Using Google translate on the VLeague and VFF sites just confuses me more than ever and I am bombarded by all these Ngyuens.

Anyway just started, today I think, is a dedicated Vietnamese football blog written in English. Pre season is a good time to start, helping us get used to the unfamiliar club names and players.

Perfect timing in fact. A budget airline has just started flying Jakarta - Ho Chi Minh.

Far be it for me to start flying to HCM just for a football match. I mean that would be plain daft and indeed sad if not suicidal...even the Ibu might put her foot down on that one. But you never know. Them long weekends...


Blatter's bullies get their way

DPMM have been kicked out of the SLeague with just a few games remaining.

Ooooh, look at us, we're so tough...


Iran out, Singapore in?

It is being reported locally that Indonesia's friendly against Iran has been cancelled and that they will play Singapore instead on 2 November in Singapore.

Monday, October 19, 2009


More weekend results

Thai Premier League

Osotsapa v Sri Racha 1-3
Samut Songkram v Bangkok United 1-1
Muang Thong United v BEC Tero 2-0
PEA v Raj Navy Rayong 4-1
Nakorn Pathom v Bangkok Glass 2-5
TTM Samut Sakorn v TOT 1-1
Chonburi v Thai Port 2-1
Pattaya United v Chula United 2-1

1 - Muang Thong United 30 19 8 3 48-20 65
2 - Chonburi 30 18 8 4 50-30 62
3 - Bangkok Glass 30 16 8 6 45-31 56
4 - BEC Tero 30 15 6 9 53-34 51

Relegated - Sri Racha, Chula United, Nakorn Pathom

Top Scorer

18 - Anon Sangsanoi (BEC Tero)
14 - Mohamed Kone (Chonburi)
11 - Nantawat Thansopa (Bangkok Glass)


Gombak United v Tampines Rovers 0-2 (Qiu Li, Alif Shafaein) 1.777

1 - SAF 31 22 1 8 74-33 67
2 - Tampines Rovers 31 16 9 6 48-29 57
3 - Home United 31 17 5 9 55-31 56

Top Scorers

28 - Aleksander Duric (SAF)
20 - Gabriel Obatola (Gombak United)
16 - Kenji Adachahira (Albirex Niigata), Kengne Ludovick (Home United)


3rd time lucky for Mayora?

After having trials with Roma and Persisam, former Perth Glory striker Matthew Mayora is know trying his luck with Arsenal Bandung.

If Arsenal do go ahead and sign the Aussie it will mean the international Thai Rangsan will not be joining them as Mayora would complete their allocation of five Foreigners.

Arsenal have already signed Christian Gonzalez, Hilton Moreira. Rene Martinez and Sinthawachee 'Kosin' Hathairatnakul with the Thai keeper reportedly expected to arrive later on this week in Bandung.

Regarding Kosin, isn't he also expected to be in a training camp with the Thai national team preparing for the Kata Cup in Phuket as well as the Asian Cup qualifiers?


ISL Results 18/10

Persebaya v Persisam 5-2 (Corinus Fingkreuw, Andi Odang 3, Josh Maguire; Ronald Fagundez, Suprayogi) 5,000
Persema v PSPS 3-2 (Jairon, Brima, Robbie Gaspar; Dzumafo, Herman)

1 - Persiba 2 2 0 0 6
2 - Persijap 2 2 0 0 6
3 - Persela 2 2 0 0 6

After two rounds completed, nearly, three teams remain with a 100% record and lead the ISL. And of course all three had their opening games at home. Just one away win so far with Persija collecting three points away to Persema.

Top scorers

3 - Martin Zada (Persela), Noor Hadi (Persijap), Aldo Baretto (Bontang FC), Andi Odang (Persebaya)
2 - Bambang Pamungkas (Persija), Boaz Salossa (Persipura), Johan Main Yoga (Persiba), Herman Dzumafo (PSPS), Robby Gaspar (Persema), Josh Maguire (Persebaya)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Persib, Bobotoh & Kosin

Check this clip from a recent Chonburi game where a Persib flag makes an appearance and Kosin talks about returning to Indonesia.


A little bit of the Balkans

During my chat with Persija midfielder Mustafic Fahruddin we got talking about the number of players from the former Yugoslavia in this part of the world. In Singapore there is of course Aleksander Duric as well as coach Raddy Avramovic and Woodlands Wellington coach Nenad Bacina.

DPMM had Ivan Jerkovic who also played with Pelita Jaya while Bojak had a long career in Singapore and most recently was coaching My Team in Malaysia

In Indonesia there is Mijo at Persiba while Robbie Gaspar, Mijo's former team mate and now with Persema, has Croatian ancestry.

Last week of course Persija and Persema met up and while it's always worth a laugh when you win, Mustafic admits to being a bit confused at one stage. Hearing Gaspar call out something in Serbian he automatically looked round expecting to see the now Aussie talking to him. But he wasn't. Gaspar was talking to Jairon, Persema's Brazilian striker who used to play in Serbia!

Any more?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


ISL 17/10

Persijap v Persitara 3-0 (Noor Hadi 3)
Persik v Bontang (Mahayadi Panggabean;)


Subramani - a tribute from Steve Darby

" I once described Mani to a Lebanese newspaper as a virus! Once he got hold of you he was impossible to shake off. I dont know if they understood but the opposition players soon did.

We then progresed through to the AFC cup semi final, an incredible acheivment for such a small club captained by Mani. Basically playing against Mani was an attackers nightmare, sharp elbows, bony knees. never smiled and that was just in training as I have personally experienced!

His good mate Egmar used to be bruised all over after training.

But on a more serious note he was a magnificent professional who was an outstanding captain for me for 3 wonderful seasons, dedicated and hard working with a massive love for the game.

But also of a more vital note he was an honest and good person off the pitch as well. I sincerely hopes he stays in the game as the Singapore game needs people such as Mani"

* thanks to former Home United coach Steve Darby for sending me this. It will also be used in the brochure for the SLeague Awards Night next month...a special pictorial tribute will be appearing on Asian Football Pictures soon


Robson hits the ground running

New Thai coach Bryan Robson is currently getting to know his new charges ahead of the Asian Cup qualifier against Singapore next month. But following the vital second leg in Bangkok on 18 October he is off to Vietnam. Or before.

According to this story he is also arriving in Hanoi on the same day ahead of a game against old Vietnamese buggers. There will be a press conference on the 19th and the game on the 20th.

Seriously, don't people check these things?

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