Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Steve Darby Column

Bryan Robson has been here a week already and he is really loving it. The reception by the fans has been magnificent and he says he can feel a real genuine love of football here at all levels of The Game.

His aim is of course to watch as many players as possible and he enjoyed The Game Muanthong v BEC on Sunday and the BEC v Port Thai Cup finals is the next task. However, nights have been used to watch DVDs of Thailand games and of course Singapore games so that we can prepare as Professionally and as well as possible.

His initial reaction has been very positive and he has highlighted that players have taken his eye.

The Thai league was a great year for football and I can not wait for next season to start. Will Muanthong and Chonburi be able to keep their dominance? Or will teams like BEC, Thai Port and Bangkok Glass boost their squads for a closer challenge. It's no different to the EPL!

Zico will be leaving which is a great pity as I thought not only was he a legend player but was developing into an excellent coach. Also there is the danger that Indonesia and Vietnamese clubs will come to Thailand and "Plunder" some of our best players to go to their leagues.

The answer is simple, economics! Football is a profession and a very short and precarious one. So players have to go where they can maximize their talents to support their families. The same as in any type of job. The answer is Thai league clubs can acquire the funds to keep the players and they can even bring some back from overseas? The Singapore League is really Struggling with 6 star players suddenly leaving for Indonesia. It's great if a player leaves for Europe both for the individual and the professional development of The Game and we have players who have that ability. But it's not good for our game is they are attracted to the lower leagues by bigger Salaries.

I think there will be many positive initiatives in the TPL next year and Dr. Vichit is working hard to undertake this. The National Team program and the TPL are working in harmony to work out what is best for the players and for the fans.

The season will be here soon and Muanthong will be in action in the Champions league play offs against SAF of Singapore and Da Nang of Vietnam. Great games and times for Thai football.

Good scoop Mr Jakarta Casual.

Hope Steve's insights can become a regular for your blog.
hope so to. he is always worth listening to
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