Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Vietnamese football

It has proven pretty difficult to get the low down on Vietnamese and until now I have had to content myself with sourcing a couple of on line papers and that's about it. Using Google translate on the VLeague and VFF sites just confuses me more than ever and I am bombarded by all these Ngyuens.

Anyway just started, today I think, is a dedicated Vietnamese football blog written in English. Pre season is a good time to start, helping us get used to the unfamiliar club names and players.

Perfect timing in fact. A budget airline has just started flying Jakarta - Ho Chi Minh.

Far be it for me to start flying to HCM just for a football match. I mean that would be plain daft and indeed sad if not suicidal...even the Ibu might put her foot down on that one. But you never know. Them long weekends...

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