Monday, March 04, 2019


PSS Fan Group Call For Boycott To Protest Club Management

You would imagine fans of PSS Sleman would be buzzing. Back in the top flight for the first time in over a decade PSS supporters, known as Brigata Curva Sud have been attracting visitors from overseas impressed by the atmosphere they generate at their home games.

However while the supporters have been making an impression, the club's off field structure has been frustrating the fan base, so much so on the eve of PSS's Maguwoharjo Stadium hosting the pre-season President Cup the BCS have been calling on all PSS supporters to boycott home games until the club management give in to their demands.

Now, before we get all high and mighty we need to remember how powerful supporters can be in Indonesia. Lest we forget, Persebaya supporters took on and ultimately defeated the association in recent times. 

And of course, in Indonesia football fans still have a voice, unlike in England where they are seen as a cash cow by clubs and TV who are happy to charge extortionate prices and ignore the paying public. 

So what are these demands the supporters expect their club to act upon?

1 - Developing an academy for young players
2 - Building a 'mess' for the team and officials
3 - Build a training field
4 - Develop a marketing and business development team
5 - Stop mixed messages being released
6 - Create a reliable official media
7 - Improve match day organisation
8 - Develop clear standard operating procedures

Shocking stuff eh? And how embarrassing for a football club to have their lack of professionalism highlighted by the supporters. The fact is though many clubs are shockingly run by appointees who appreciate the column inches but are not fully appreciative of the efforts they need to expend.

It's going to be interesting to see how this pans out. The President Cup kicks off tomorrow in Sleman with PSS being joined by Persija, Madura United and Borneo and it would be a massive embarrassment for the organisers were the games to be played out in a near empty stadium.

The BCS are in a strong position. People around the world will only know of PSS because of their terrace reputation. The club itself, only founded in 1976, has inherited one of the best stadiums in the country and have been lucky to have the BCS build a reputation for them. Now they are in Liga 1 all the supporters are doing is to ask the club to up their game.

In other words to be as professional as the supporters are!

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