Thursday, February 07, 2019


Support Your Local League

I am delighted to say my second book, Support Your Local League - A South East Asian Football Odyssey is now available in both old school print and new fangled ebook.

The book looks at football in four South East Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and draws heavily on my experiences in the region, travelling round, watching games, meeting supporters, players and coaches. 

Let's face it. South East Asia is seen as a market. A market for already rich European clubs to increase their shirt sales and social media followers. A market for tourists seeking the exotic picture postcard palm-fringed beaches.

For me it was home. For nearly a quarter of a century. And following football there opened up a whole new world to this particular wizened expat.

Go to a bookshop, seek out South East Asian books and what do you find? The usual travel guides, books showing you where to watch birds perhaps. Plenty of stuff about where to get the best spa or facial treatment. Books telling you  how tough it is living in that part of the world.

But South East Asia is also home to hundreds of millions of people whose stories remain mostly unknown to us beyond a media fuelled stereotype. Just like the UK is more than bowler hatted commuters and brawling football hooligans there is more to South East Asian than dodgy taxi drivers or scam artists and using football as a glue I try to present a different side to what is, for me, one of the most fascinating areas in the world.

Meet little known clubs, local legends, world cup stars, football fans. Meet a passion and a desire for local football that is the equal of any in the world.

How to order

Kindle version
Old school paper back from Amazon
Direct from the original publisher, based in Australia, Fair Play Publishing
Alternatively your local book shop should be able to order it. Quote ISBN:  978-0-6481333-2-2

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