Saturday, October 21, 2017


Persita & PSMS Sanctioned For Deadly Violence

I cannot begin to understand how the PSSI works at the best of times; their disciplinary committee is a place of wonderous mystery and confusion to us outsiders trying to fathom their workings. After what has been a pretty tragic couple of weeks in local football I along with many others were waiting to see how the PSSI would react to a series of incidents that have damaged the image of the game even more than usual.

OK, remember the crowd trouble that marred Persita v PSMS in the second round of Liga 2 when military types supposedly following PSMS kicked off and one Persita fan died? Well the home side Persita have been ordered to play one game behind closed doors and fined Rp 22.5 million for their fans role in the distrubances. Allegedly it was a pitch invasion by disgruntled Persita fans protesting at their club's management that so upset the uniformed types who had seen 'their' team win.

PSMS fans haven't escaped the wrath of the PSSI. They have been banned from watching their team for the next four games, which of course will include the Third Round of Liga 2, and the club have been fined Rp 30 million for their role in the violence. Of course it isn't clear how many real PSMS fans did kick off...images and video suggest most of the disturbances were caused by men in khaki uniform.

No mention of any sanction for the military types but then the military chief of the PSSI, no doubt wearing his military hat, has already announced the military types can no longer 'mobilise' to watch football matches.

Madura United have been heavily punished after fans and officials attacked (foreign) match officials at a recent game. Supporters have been banned from watching their last four games of the season and the games must be played outside Madura. Two Madura United officials also received hefty fines and stadium bans for entering the field of play and attacking the match officials. 

Bhayangkara's manager Sumardji has been fined Rp 75 million (!) and received a stadium ban for attacking a linesman. 

It is noticeable club officials receive much heavier fines than clubs do for some reason. Why? I don't know, Perhaps they are expected to provide better role models?

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