Friday, June 23, 2017


Sriwijaya Forced To Rearrange Perseru Clash

We are just starting an early mid season break as the country comes to a standstill and already we are seeing confusion over the fixtures in early July as we return to normal. Not too long ago Liga 1 issued a revised schedule but already that is being changed as clubs are forced to take into account local circumstances.

The first victim is Siriwjaya's home game with Perseru. Scheduled to take place 3rd July, the game has been postponed after local security officials refused to release the necessary paperwork for the game to go ahead.

Security officials say they have an ongoing programme from 19th June - 4th July to ensure security in the  Palembang area as Indonesians go mudik, return to their home cities and villages to spend time with their families at the end of the fasting month. 

An alternate date of 6th July has been proposed but Sriwijaya but now talk with Liga 1 and Perseru to see if that date is acceptable to all parties concerned. 

Rearranging games is no easy business in Indonesia. Away teams often need to book plane tickets, hotel rooms and training facilities in advance and like the rest of us the best prices come when booked in advance.

Given how far Persueru will have to travel, from Papua to South Sumatra, they will be hoping a date can be sorted as soon as possible to facilitate bookings. But we are entering the holiday period so perhaps the best thing they can do is enjoy being with their families and not eat too much!

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