Saturday, March 18, 2017


Singapore To Host Bayern, Inter

Oh what wonderful joyous news for people in Singapore who love their football European.  The International Champions Cup has decided to make the city state it's home in South East Asia base for next four years and this July will see Inter Milan, Baywrn Munchen and some tin pot outfit from South West London who wear blue.

My understanding is this is a private initiative between two private parties, ICC and the venue, and of course best of luck to them and all involved. European clubs which spend all season moaning about their fixture list will be jumping from China to Singapore and back home again without mentioning jetlag once.  It is okay to complain about tiredness to your bread and butter fans but to do so in the far East, with all them dollar bills waiting to be hovered up, is jolly bad form.

25/07 Chelsea v Baywrn
27/07 Bayern  v Inter
29/07 Inter v Chelsea

Now check out these fixtures

25/07 Home United v Warriors
29/07 Warriors v Albriex Niigata, Balestier Khalsa v Hougang United

You see what's happening here? The European holidaymakers games clash with the SLeague, Singapore's own domestic league. It may not be much but it's all they have. Now there is a massive likelihood these games will have to be rescheduled to make sure no one is distracted from the big boys.

Once upon a time visiting European sides used to at least pay lip service to the quaint idea they were in the area to boost local football. They would even play against local sides. Not any more. There is more profit to be purloined by playing their peers pre season before pairing off in the Champions League. There is money for the elite teams, money for the sponsors but sod all for local football.

The Football Association of Singapore has a role to play. Sure they can cave into every last request from the European sides. Or they can do their job and prioritise local football. Obviously they aren't going to turn round and tell ICC where to get off. Too many powerful sponsors. But why don't they say the SLeague games should be played ahead of the ICC games. That would give Singaporean players experience of playing in front of big crowds and Who knows maybe even encourage some of the Euro lovers to take an interest in their own backyard.

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