Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Nervy Times As Persikad Wait On Stadium Renovation

With a new season set to start in March Liga 2 side Persikad are doing all he right things. They have appointed ex Persija assistant coach Isman Jasulmei as their coach for the campaign and have been busy holding trials as they seek to build a squad fit for the rigours of whatever lies ahead.

There is though one cloud on the horizon and it is a pretty big cloud at that. As I discovered when I visited the recently their stadium Merapati Stadium (pictured left), is in a bit of a state. The pitch is threadbare in places and the terraces and stands are in a pretty poor condition as well.

Persikad are now worried they may have to relocate. Again. It wasn't that long ago they were playing their home games in Purwakarta after all.

History may repeat if the club are unable to get their stadium repaired by whatever deadline there is. So now the club are hoping the local government will help them out with laying a new turf and tidying up the spectator areas.

'If not,' said a club official 'we must automatically find a new stadium. Not only must we pay out a lot of money, we would lose our supporters as well.'

Happier times for Persikad, pictured left away to Persikabo.

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