Monday, December 12, 2016


Three Headlines That Sum Up Singapore Football Malaise

ASEAN Super League On Track
Singapore Coach Blocked From Training Course
Back To The Drawing Board For Singapore Football

I think many people are losing interest in Singapore football and I think these three headlines from a local paper sum up well the frustrations so many who love the game feel about its current lack of direction.

Rome is burning but officials keep on harping on about this mythical wonderland where milk and honey will be overflowing and the region's best will be pitting their wits against each other and sod the local product.

In global terms Singapore football is a village. Leave that village, or try and leave that village, and it looks like the head honchos take it personally that careers could be improved out there in the big wide world far from their hubs and leverages and strategic plans

And after a year when domestic trophies were won by a foreign side, 11 games have produced four goals by the national team perhaps the drawing board needs to start with the absolute basics. And those sitting in on the lessons should not be just the players but those charged with developing Singapore's football potential. But no doubt they will be hanging up the bunting after Singapore rose 9 places in the FIFA rankings...see. stats don't tell the whole story.

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