Friday, December 30, 2016


Arema's 'Arek Malang' Aroma

After missing out on the Indonesia Soccer Championship Arema are hoping an off and on the field shake up will help them better prepare for the Indonesia Super League 2017. 

For starters they have dropped the name of their sponsors but as I have never used that it is no big deal. 

More pertinent is the changes they have made to their backroom staff with coach Milomir Seslija leaving despite guiding the club to second place.

In has come Aji Santoso, a former Indonesia international who had two spells with Arema from 1987 - 1995 and 2002 - 2004. He was born in the city and has surrounded himself with a coaching team steeped in the psyche of the city and the football club.

He has brought in three assistants. Joko Susilo also had two spells with the Crazy Lions while Singgih Pitono was twice top scorer for the club in the days before the Liga Indonesia. Joining them is Kuncoro, a former Arema right back. Completing the coaching set up is goalie specialist Yanuar Hermasyah. He too was born in Malang and played for the club from 1996-1997.

Aji Santoso born Malang played 87-95 & 02-04
Joko Susilo played 92-95 & 98-03
Singgih Pitono played 92-94
Kuncoro born Malang played 91-96 & 01
Yanuar Hermansyah born Malang played 96-97

At least there wont be any problems with the coaching staff needing time to adapt!

In more news Arema keeper Ahmad Kurniwan is in hospital in a coma. Get well soon AK.

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