Sunday, October 23, 2016


Persija Looking For Venue Ahead Of 'Classico'

Homeless, baseless Persija are scrambling round for a stadium as their 'classico' with Persib looms on the horizon. Prevented from using Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, and of course Indonesia's capital city lacks any other stadium to host the game, the Kemayoran Tigers have been forced on the road yet again with the increased costs and uncertainty over hiring out of town venues hitting their bottom line.

Apparently Persib have suggested using Wibawa Mukti Stadium in Cikarang but given that particular venue has been used by Maung Bandung as their own home ground on occasion that idea was rejected by Persija. Pakansari Stadium are also not keen on seeing thousands of Jakmania descend one more time after the disturbances that surrounded their visit for the PS TNI game.

The cities of Solo and Malang offer familiarity for Persija having already played 'home' games their this season while one club official said 'Gajayana (in Malang) is safe enough. Persib fans aren't brave enough to go there'.

The bravery of Persib fans isn't really the major concern as no matter where the game will be played there will be no Bobotoh present.

If you have been visiting Mars the last few months, the Bung Karno Stadium is being renovated ahead of the 2019 Asian Games. And even if it wasn't following the Sriwijaya game the club would likely have been banned from using the stadium anyway.

v Semen Padang 50,177 (Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta)
v Persela 40,260 (Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta)
v PS TNI 39,871 (Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta)
v Sriwijaya (Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta)*
v Madura United 3,721 (Bangkalan Stadium, Madura)
v Mitra Kukar 3,327 (Manahan Stadium, Solo)
v PSM 3,567 (Manahan Stadium, Solo)
v Bali United 8,333 (I Wayan Dipta, Bali)
v Persipura 2,100 (Manahan Stadium, Solo)
v Perseru 1,372 (Manahan Stadium, Solo)
v Barito Putera 1,789 (Manahan Stadium, Solo)
v Arema 14,974 (Gajayana Stadium, Malang)

* the Sriwijaya game was called off after seriois crowd disorder and the attendance was never released

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