Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Indonesia Soccer Champions B Play Offs

As there is no promotion/relegation I am not sure why we are going ahead with this but here goes.

After a mammoth ISC B season spread acorss three time zones and split into eight groups we are now at the first knock out phase of the ISC B campaign with the top two clubs in each group facing off in four new groups.

Group A - Perssu Madura United, Persiraja, PSIM, PSSC
Group B - Persita, PSS, Persepam, Kalteng Putra
Group C - Persik, Persrang, Martapura, Celebes
Group D - PSIS, PSPS, PSGC, Persekap

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed some heavy hitters among that little lot with Persik and PSIS having been crowned Liga Indonesia champions in the not too distant past. PSS have regularly attracted the largest home crowds in the country while PSIM have their own long proud history.

The island of Madura continues to shine on the football map. Following in the wake of Madura United's success, Perssu and Persepam are flying the flag for the island in ISC B with Perssu getting off to a good start, defeating PSIM 1-0 in their opening game.

And a word for Celebes. A new club based in Palu on the island of Sulawesi, they have found themselves sponsors galore and seem to be a club of real promise focussing on the young players from that often overlooked part of the country.

Match Day 1 Results

Perssu MU v PSIM 1-0
PSS v Persepam 1-1
Kalteng Putra v Persita 3-6
Persik v Perserang 0-0

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