Thursday, June 02, 2016


Hatred And Apathy Force Persija To Go Solo

Persija's search for a new stadium to use while Bung Karno gets renovated ahead of the Asian Games has become one long, boring saga in which most of us knew beforehand what the final decision would be.

Talk of using new venues in Cikarang or Cibinong were nothing but a smoke screen. There is no way they would be allowed to use those stadiums on a regular basis for one simple reason. They are in bandit country.

The debate descended into farce when Persija suggested they would be happy sharing a stadium with Persib who have their own issues regarding a home stadium with Si Jalak Harupat undergoing its own renovations. But Persib do have Siliwangi Stadium and the new Lautan Api to fall back on. Persija have nothing in Jakarta.

Persija fans in Solo, 2010
I haven't been to Wibawa Mukti in Cikarang. There has been talk of Persib using that and it would make sense as it is in West Java, the heartland of the bobotoh. And it would be logical for Persija to consider it as it isn't too far from Jakarta.

Pakansari in Cibinong has also been flagged as an option. Now being used by PS TNI it to is fairly close to Jakarta and easy to get to. It is a short drive from Persikabo Stadium, home of Persikabo and looks decent enough.

Persija reportedly considered using Pakansari for their next home game, coincidentally against PS TNI. Are you having a laugh? Given the way PS TNI fans kicked off in Gresik recently, given many, nay most Persikabo fans have a soft spot for Persib, that would have been a disaster from a security point of view. Remember the sports minister saying if there were any more outbreaks of violence he would shut the ISC down?

Nope, the two stadiums in West Java were never in with a chance. There has only ever been one reasonable option and that is to build a news stadium in Jakarta but that seems further away than ever. Nope, instead the best bet is for Persija fans to face regular trips to Solo. Nice city, nice stadium but some 10 hours away by train and of course a trip Persija fans have grown used to over the years.

It's not the best option but given the sheer hatred that exists between Persija and Persib fans and given the Jakarta governments apathy towards sports facilities there is no other choice.

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