Thursday, June 09, 2016


Gresik United Punished After PS TNI Pitch Invastion

The organisers of the Indonesia Soccer Championship have finally given their decision after the disgraceful violence that marred the recent game between Gresik United and PS TNI. 

The disturbances reportedly began after Gresik United fans tried to steal a PS TNI banner. Fans of the military backed team responded by attacking home fans indiscriminately with 55 supporters needing hospital treatment.

The ISC sent a team to investigate the scene of the crime, no doubt looking for vital evidence and clues that could help them come to a conclusion as to what happened and why. And no doubt they carefully sifted that evidence and checked every stone and every plastic water bottle to see if they had been used violently.

Gresik United have been fined Rp 10 million as have supporters club Ultras. Dunno how that will work. It is a good idea to punich the fans rather than the club because after all it was the fans who started it by trying to steal the banner in the first place. But were those troublemakers bona fide members of the Ultras?

It does set an interesting precedent as it makes supporters responsible for their behaviour. With ISC dishing out fines left right and centre these days to clubs just because fans are letting off flares within the stadium perhaps in future they should be punishing the supporters. Or perhaps they should focus more on other things like on field brawls and dodgy ref decisions which really bring the game into disrepute.

PS TNI were fined Rp 50 million and their fans have been banned from traveling to the next two away games against Persija and Semen Padang. This won't be a great hardship as the club don't really have any fans. They just draw upon local military personnel who get time out of barracks to watch their team.

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