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Umanailo - A Star Is Born

Pusamania v Persiba 1-0 (Jefry Kurniawan) 2,541

This wasn't really a football match. Yes it was an East Kalimantan derby so we would expect fireworks. Unfortunately there were too many fireworks on the pitch for this to be an enjoyable game of football. The first half was crap, second half marginally better but when you consider the involvement of two icons of the game, Pnaryo Astaman on the field for Pusamania and Bima Sakti in the dug out for Persiba we expected better.

We are lucky there weren't more casualties other than the game of football. Pusamania's Aang Suparman got taken to hospital after being kicked in the header; the offender received a mere yellow for his actions while Aang is still in hospital with 11 stitches in his head.

Persiba are quickly earning a reputation for being tough opponents. In their first away game against Arema the home side had used all their subs by 46 minutes and Cristian Gonzales and Dedi Santoso face lengthy absences. Now this battle. 

There is nothing wrong with being pysical and tough to play against but match officials need to take a stronger line with perennial offenders from the first minute. Brandish a red early doors and we may see a football match break out. Don't and we get a battle with resentments bubbling under for the whole game. Persiba felt the need to withdraw Ledi Utomo as he carried an early yellow card with him for most of the game making him less effective.

Maybe Persiba feel they need to impose themselves on other sides. Which is a shame because in Sohei Matsunaga they have one of the finest players of the season so far yet he seems an uncomfortable fit among the more physical elements of his team. Up front Persiba to all intents and purposes don't exist. Okta Maniani was anonymous again save for a last minute free kick the underworked Dian saved at the near post.

Pusamania probably deserved their first win of the season and the only goal of the game certainly deserved a better stage, sub Jefri Kurniawan showing a neat first touch in the box to drive home past the decent looking Alfonsius. But it was like a flower in a desert. A memorable goal in a forgettable game.

33 Dian Agus Prasetyo; 24 Diego Michiels, 16 Aang Suparman, 27 Gerald Pangkali, 4 Jad Noureddine, 3 Zulkifli Syukur; 6 Tarik Boschetti, 11 Ponaryo Astaman, 10 Edilson Tavares, 28 Terens Puhiri; 9 Pedro Javier Velazquez
Subs: 21 Sandi Darma Sute, 22 Sultan Samma, 92 Fandhy Ahmad, 7 Gavin Kwan Adsit, 12 Lerby Eliandry, 97 Nadeo Argawinata, 77 Jepri Kurniawan
78 Alfonsius Kelvan; 17 Abdul Rahman, 26 Dirkir Kohn Glay, 19 Iqbal Samad, 6 Ledi Utomo; 18 Shohei Matsunaga, 89 Oktovianus Maniani, 77 Rahel Radiansyah, 88 Abdul Aziz Lutfi Akbar, 5 Antonio Teles; 8 Syamsir Alam
Subs: 23 Yoewanto Stya Beny, 91 Frengky Turnando, 32 Absor Fauzi, 11 Bima Sakti, 22 Siswanto, 94 Heri Susanto, 10 Vinicius Dos Santos Reis
Persija v  Persela 2-1 (Jose Guerra, Ambrizal Umanailo; Herman Dzumafo) 40,260
Persija top of the table? How can this be? A second straight win and after the Battle of Segiri it was nice to see football win out though the wry smiles on the Persela bench after a penalty appeal was turned down suggest another story.
Persija played well and in Ambrizal Umanailo they seem to have unearthed a new star. He was quick, lively and skillful against Semen Padang last week and there was more of the same this time around, capped off with an assistant and a beautiful finish guaranteed to add stardust to any game. 
Persela didn't come to make up the numbers. Coach Stefan Hansson knew his job was on the line and they had their moments with the experienced Herman Dzumafo a constant physical threat but Andritany continued his fine form with another stellar performance between the sticks. Good keepers make it look effortless and it must be reassuring for the defence to know behind them they have such a talented and intelligent keeper, confident in his area and brave enough to get stuck in when needed.
All this and Ramdhani Lestalahu came on for a cameo after injury. Is this Persija side built to last? The Jakmania have seen many false dawns and they will be cautious but they will have thrilled at tonight's performance and savour being top of the table albeit for 24 hours only.
A good game and good news from Mexico with FIFA lifting its suspension of the PSSI!
26 Andritany Ardhiyasa; 4 Andik Rendika Rama, 14 Ismed Sofyan, 28 Rezaldi Hehanusa, 6 Maman Abdul Rahman, 33 Willian Pachecho; 17 Ambrizal Umanailo, 19 Ade Jantra Lukmana, 21 Amarzukih, 22 Hong Soon Hak; 18 Jose Adolfo Guerra Argote
Subs: 30 Muhammad Rizky Darmawan, 13 Gunawan Dwi Cahyo, 32 Novri Setiawan, 36 Vava Mario Yagalo, 7 Rizki Ramdani Lestaluhu, 10 Aldi Al Achya, 8 Sutanto Tan
1 Choirul Huda; 30 Eky Taufik, 32 Fictor Pae, 87 Kristian Adelmund, 3 Samsul Arifin; 22 Dendy Sulistyawan, 26 Djayusman Triasdi, 8 Jose Pedrosa Galan, 44 Tamsil Sijaya, 2 Zainal Arifin; 99 Herman Dzumafo Epandi
Subs: 24 Ramadhan Saputra, 33 Dwi Kuswanto, 5 Taufiq Kasrun, 9 Zulvin Zamrun, 21 Jusmadi, 28 Steven Anderson Imbiri, 10 Shane Malcolm 

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