Thursday, May 26, 2016


Sriwijaya Hike Ticket Prices For Mitra Kukar Clash

Sriwijaya's fine start to the season has seen they share top spot of the ISC with Mitra Kukar and Persija. This weekend Widodo Cahyo Putro's men go toe to toe with Mitra Kukar and the club are hoping to cash in at the gate by increasing ticket prices.

Their last last home against Madura United, which Laskar Wong Kito won 5-0, was seen by 14,555 and Sriwijaya are expecting more than 20,000 for this weekend's game.

VVIP - Rp 100,000 increase to Rp 120,000
VIP - Rp 50,000 increase to Rp 75,000
West - Rp 40,000 increase to Rp 50,000
East - Rp 25,000 increase to Rp 30,000

I hope the club know what they are doing! They have started the season well but they have won nothing yet.

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