Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Sports Minister Wants Jose Mourinho To Coach Indonesian National Team

As I type this the PSSI are in Mexico hoping to persuade FIFA to lift its suspension and readmit Indonesia to world football. You may recall Indonesia was banned over alleged government interference.

On the eve of the congress in Mexico City the sports minister has said he wants Jose Mourinho to coach the national team.

What a great comment. And it's bound to travel around the world a few times. Yeah, Jose to Indonesia. Clickbait for the world's football press. Of course, that is why Jose has been unemployed so long. You thought he was waiting for Manchester United to pluck up the courage to ask but oh no...he has been waiting for FIFA to lift its suspension of Indonesia to take the reigns for the first time of a national team.

From the upholstered chairs in the dugouts of Stamford Bridge and the Bernabeu we are expected to believe Jose's next port of call will be the plastic tip up seats of the Bung Karno. For someone who has coached at some of the finest arenas in European football the next entry on his CV will include visits to places like Soreang, Samarinda and Sidoarjo in search of the players that will take Indonesia to UAE in 2019 and Qatar in 2022.

Of course there is the irony of a sports minister in a country suspended for political interference suggesting who should be the next coach of the national team but hey...clickbait.

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