Thursday, May 12, 2016


Singapore's National Stadium Criticised. Again

Singapore's new National Stadium has courted nothing but controversy since it opened two years ago with much of the criticism directed towards the pitch. Now as is so often the case these days instead of just getting some grass and laying it as people have done in sports for decades them mealy mouthed mutants have to go on and on about criteria, specifications blah blah blah.

But the grass they planted couldn't grow because the shape of the roof didn't allow enough sunlight in! I  mean surely the whole point of a stadium is the pitch, not the fucking roof but this wasn't considered during the planning stages? From the architects' website : 
A moveable roof is another essential feature. It provides shade and thus cooling when required and of course shelter from rainfall. The roof is left open when The Stadium is not in use, keeping the grass pitch in healthy condition.

That was the plan.

When Singapore hosted the AFF Cup back in 2014 where was criticism about the poor quality playing surface and that has been echoed by Tampines players following their AFC Cup tie v Selangor. Now the National Stadium owners are good at business school speak but in reality they say nothing but hide behind flow charts and tick boxes designed by muppet pen pushers.

Players such as Jermaine Pennant and Mustafic Fahruddin came out after the game and criticised he pitch saying it was slippery and bumpy and they needed to take an extra touch to control the ball. Now these aren't your run of the mill park players. Both have been around the block and now a thing or two about football pitches; it's where they earn their living.

Stadium officials though don't give a toss what endusers say or think. They have their bits of paper to support them and the rest, the players, the coaches and the fans can go to hell. Oh and before you do get to Hades don't forget to pay the exorbitant charges to use their poor quality pitch.

Here are some of the comments post AFC Cup tie by stadium officials (The Straits Times).

'we have confidence in our pitch maintenance regime and will be conducting necessary tests to secure the required approvals and clearances ahead of Saturday's rugby games'

'For Tuesday's match, our pitch met the required standards and passed inspection by the AFC match commissioner ahead of the game'

'The process includes measuring surface safety and playability for players...These include evaluation for, for example, shock absorption, vertical deformation (a measure of the stability of the surface as it is impacted when a player runs across it) as well as rotational resistance (a measure of the traction provided by the playing surface).'

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