Friday, May 27, 2016


PSSI Don't Recognise PS TNI

PS TNI have only been a professional club for a few months but their arrival in Indonesian football has certainly been eventful.  They took over Persiram back in March and took their place in the Indonesia Soccer Championship, a competition put together by football authorities to fill the void while FIFA dealt with the PSSI suspension.

While PS TNI were entering what were in effect friendly competitions, like the military backed General Sudirman Cup, no one was really too fussed but now it appears the guys in uniform have taken a shine to football. They took over Persiram and now a guy with many medals wants to run PSSI.

Last week PS TNI fans were involved in serious crowd disturbances when they played away to Gresik United. The game was held up for more than 20 minutes and some reports said more than 50 Gresik fans needed hospital treatment. The military at first said they were not sure if those involved were their people or not but pictures showing men in crew cut fly kicking home fans were pretty explicit.

PS TNI have since come out and apologied for their actions of some of their fans and there was a widely publicised 'kiss and make up session' between the two sets of fans but the trouble came at an embarrassing time for the newly formed club. The president director is in the running for the top job at the PSSI!

Further embarrassment followed when investigations into the Gresik disturbances found only 483 fans had purchased tickets for the away fan enclosure yet more than 1,500 were there. Meaning a thousand or so got in without paying!

With the sports minister having his say the pressure has been mounting on the ISC organisers to act quickly and punish the offenders. The sports minister has said it doesn't matter whether the trouble makers were soldiers or police they should be punished, a clear signal of intent from the government at least.  The ISC have announced they will hold a meeting about the violence next week and fans have been drawing parallels between the fines dished out for flares inside stadiums and the rampage in Gresik. Will ISC take action?

Now PSSI have declared they don't recognise PS TNI as their takeover of Persiram happened while they were suspended. Which in the context of the ISC it doesn't mean much. They are officially not involved in the running of the ISC, that is being done by an outfit called GTS. While it may seem like strong language to say the club are illegal the PSSI have left the door open saying if PS TNI are to apply for PSSI membership through the normal channels they are welcome to do so.

For now PS TNI have more mundane things on their mind. They have lost two and drawn two of their opening four games and this weekend they host their first home game at Pakansari Stadium in Cibinong against PSM looking for their first win.

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