Thursday, May 12, 2016


Persib Fans Unhappy With Belencoso's Form

When Persib fans love a player they love him forever. They have long memories in Tanah Bobotoh and players like Miljan Radovic, Lorenzo Cabanas, Makan Konate, Sinthaweechai Hathhairattnakul and Sergio van Dijk hold a special place in the hears of Persib's massed ranks.

There is an unwritten contract between foreign players and supporters. Do the business on the field, show respect to the badge, give 100% for the cause and the players have thousands of admirers for life even after they move. But if the fans feel not enough blood, sweat and tears is being spilled by a player they will be on his case immediately.

None of this pussyfooting around like Arsene Wenger does, hoping for an improvement in a bang average player. Persib fans expect to see players hit the ground running and when it doesn't happen they wanna know why.

Juan Belencoso came to Persib with a big reputation. The 35 year old Spanish striker came to Bandung from Kitchee with an impression 63 goals in 79 games, enough to turn a journeyman striker who had earned his crust playing in Spain's second tier, a status he could never dreamed of at home. But he gave up the security and common sense of life in Honk Kong for the uncertainty and passion of Indonesia.

He has taken time to settle and in the pre season Bhayangkara Cup he only managed one goal, a poor return for one so vaunted.

An official from a Persib supporters club says 'A foreign striker must be better than a local one. We have not yet seen Belencoso as a striker who frightens opponents and his quality is less than a local player like Samsul Arif.'

He then went on to campare Belencoso with Sergio van Dijk. 'He is very different if compared to (SVD). He could worry opponents but defenders find it easy to play against Belencoso and aren't worried by him.'

Persib host Bali United this weekend and fans have been out in force buying tickets. As ever they will be behind their team all the way through the 90 minutes but if they sense Belencoso hasn't imporved they said they will be complaining loud and clear.

Persib may lack Barcelona's presence on the world stage but their fans have the same sense of urgency. Then again, if Belencoso hits a hat trick against Bali United he would soon become a hero!

UPDATE - Persib manager Umuh says Persib are planning to sign two new strikers, both naturalised Indonesians. No names of course but they better move quickly with the transfer window closing 15 May. Sergio van Dijk anyone? Greg Nwokolo?

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