Thursday, May 19, 2016


Perlis Pay Packet 2016

It's not often we mere fans get to see the exact numbers a football club pays out to its staff so this makes fascinating reading. Perlis are an ambitious side in the Malaysia Premier League and it is costing  them just shy of 110,000 pound a month in salaries. Then you must add in costs like balls, bibs, cones, travel, flights, hotels...running a club ain't cheap!

The four foreign players eat up a huge chunk of that money with almost 40K going their way while Afif Amiruddin is the highest earning local player on 4,300 pound a month. Interesting to see the disparity between housing allowances for local and foreign players. The Malaysian lads receive 84 pound a month while the foreign legion trouser eight times that!

Former Semen Padang striker Edward Wilson Junior is with Perlis now and is pocketing almost 200 million rupiah a month while Kiwii Kanye Vincent is the biggest earner at the club on almost 13,500 pound a month.

I wonder where all that money comes from?

12/02 v ATM 6-1 6,500
15/02 - UiTM 0-1 6,390
19/02 v Felcra (FA CUP) 1-0 7,000
29/02 v Kuantan 1-0 4,200
05/03 - KL (FA CUP) 0-2 6,800
19/04 v KL 2-2 757
03/05 v Melaka United 2-1 932

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