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Leandro Lives Another Day As PSM Defeat Persela

PSM v Persela 2-1 (Rizky Pellu, Alex De Souza; Herman Dzumafo) 9,882

Going into this game the headlines were all about the future of PSM coach Luciano Leandro. Three points and how quickly football can change. Now it is Persela coach Stefan Hansson under the spotlight as Persela fell to their second defeat of the season. 

Post match Leandro praised his players patience saying Persela had come to defend and had been very difficult to break down before man of the match Rizky broke the deadlock. However after the game club management said they were continuing to evaluate the team

PSM 92 Dimas Galih Pratama; 5 Boman Bi Irie Aime, 45 Erik Setiawan, 2 Hendra Wijaya, 23 Jajang Maulana; 10 Alex Da Silva, 27 Maldini Pali, 19 Rizky Pellu, 8 Syamsul Chaeruddin; 20 Lamine Diarrassouba, 3 Ferdinand Sinaga
Subs: 33 David Ariyanto, 22 Ardan Aras, 86 Hasan Basri Lohy, 17 Rasyid Assahid Bakri, 16 Ridwan Tawainella, 11 M. Rahmat, 37 Muchlis Hadi Ning Syaifulloh
Persela 1 Choirul Huda; 30 Eky Taufik, 87 Kristian Adelmund, 9 Zulvin Zamrun; 22 Dendy Sulistyawan, 26 Djayusman Triasdi, 21 Jusmadi, 28 Steven Imbiri, 44 Tamsil Sijaya, 2 Zainal Arifin; 99 Herman Dzumafo Epandi
Subs: 7 Iman Budi Hernandi, 24 Ramadhan Saputra, 33 Dwi Kuswanto, 36 Edy Gunawan, 3 Samsul Arifin, 10 Mohamad Kdouh, 91 A. Nur Hardianto
Pusamania Borneo v Persib 0-0 2,760
Two games, two points if the report card for both sides after this 0-0 draw in East Kalimantan. Going into the game the question being asked in Bobotoh land was would Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan be in the starting line up after being singled by out by Persib fans after their 1-1 draw with Sriwijaya. We, start he did and the world didn't end.
Now will Dejan Antonic be under the microscope? Two points from two games isn't what the demanding Persib support want and it doesn't matter the quality of the opponent. Persib are a side in transition and teams aren't built overnight but that doesn't concern the supporters too much. They want a team built before they go to bed so they can dream of more glory.
Yet look at their team and it is hard to see them struggle for too long. In the cold light of day it doesn't look the best of starts but come the end of the season Persib may look back on this as a point earned. Not many teams will come to Samarinda and pick up a point as Antonic said after the match. 'Every team that comes here finds it difficult to steal a point because Borneo are a good team and have a new coach.'

After the game Pusamania Borneo coach Dragan Djukanovic took his frustrations to social media saying 'I'm in football for 30 years, but I never met such a robbery. Real score should be 2-3 goals different for Pusamania against champion Persib but this is Indonesia???' His reaction was no doubt in part after claims for a penalty were turned down by the ref which was a bit of a surprise!

Why such a small crowd for such a high profile game? Pusamania's media officer told me it was a long weekend which affected the attendance.
33 Dian Agus Prasetyo; 24 Diego Michiels, 4 Jad Noureddin, 32 Leonard Tupamahu, 28 Terens Owang Puhiri, 3 Zulkifli Syukur; 77 Jefri Kurniawan, 11 Ponaryo Astaman, 21 Sandi Darma Sute, 6 Tarik Boschetti; 9 Pedro Javier 
Subs: 97 Nadeo Arga Winata, 16 Aang Suparman, 10 Edilson Tavares, 92 Fandhy Achmad, 7 Gavin Kwan Adsit, 12 Lerby Eliandry, 22 Sultan Samma
78 I Made Wirawan; 4 Dias Angga Putra, 2 Purwoko Yudi, 6 Tony Sucipto, 3 Vladimir Vujovic; 91 David Laly, 24 Hariono, 23 Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, 10 Robertino Pugliara; 99 Juan Belencoso, 9 Samsul Arif
Subs: 1 M. Natshir Fadhil Mahbuby, 16 Hermawan, 13 Muhammad Agung Pribadi, 31 Rudolof Yanto Basna, 7 Atep, 8 Taufiq, 82 Tantan
Gresik United v Perseru 1-1 (OG; Gakou Amadou) 10,100

I had a poor feed so wasn't able to watch all the game but Perseru surprisingly took the lead before an OG saved a point for the home side. The highlight for me was when a Perseru player went down like he had been shot in a bid to waste time, some players don't seem to be aware of injury time but there you go, and on rushed the stretcher bearers. 

In their haste to get him off the field they bundled the player on, lifted the stretcher and the player promptly fell off. TV cameras and Indonesia then saw the wonderful sight of a Perseru official swing a punch at one of the hapless medics. Oh joy...Indonesian football is back!
Gresik United
28 Irpan; 29 Ambrizal, 5 Muhammad Rifqi; 11 Agus Indra Kurniawan, 19 Eduardo Da Conceicao Maciel, 10 Oh Inkyun, 42 Riyandi Ramadhana Putra, 81 Supriyono; 22 Emile Bertrand Mbamba, 26 Muhammad Kamri, 9 Yusuf Effendi
Subs: 88 Satria Tama Hardianto, 4 FX Yanuar, 27 Ghozali Muharam Siregar, 77 Hendri Satriadi, 24 Stevanus Bungaran, 50 Reza Mustofa, 87 Suheri Daud
89 M. Choirun Nasirin; 18 Bilibig Dian Mahrus, 12 Boas Atuturi, 5 Henry Njobi Elad, 16 Sugiono, 38 Tonny Rooy Ayomi; 22 Arthur Barrios Bonai, 14 Ronaldo Meosido, 26 Septinus Alua; 10 Gakou Amadou, 11 Yoksan Ama
Subs: 20 Sukasto Effendi, 92 Jhon Alex Wayoi, 29 Yance Youwey, 97 Gamalia Brien Imbiri, 6 Dembele Siaka, 17 Irvan Yunus Mofu

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