Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Impressive Attendances In ISC B

After two rounds of the ISC B there have been some interesting games and attendances worthy of a mention I think. I don't think I will be able to cover it too much, there are more than 50 teams in 8 groups though it looks like one group has yet to get started!

30/04 Persis v PSGC 14,217
01/05 PSIM v Persiba 12,342
07/05 PSIM v Persipur 11,234
07/05 PSBK v Persepam MU 15,000
08/05 PSS v PSMP 20,321

In Thailand only Buriram United and Nahorn Ratchasima average more than PSIM and Persis while, and this is after just one game, PSS have a better average attendance than Buriram United!

Obviously this is selective and most crowds are significantly lower but these do show the potential of clubs in the nether regions. Imagine someone invested in them?

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