Friday, April 22, 2016


Indonesian Fans Giving Blood

Fans of Persib and Arsenal are being encouraged to donate blood across Indonesia tomorrow.

The Arsenal Supporters Club have arranged for 49 branches (geddit?) across the country to host events as part of their contribution to Arsenal's 'Be A Gooner, Be A Giver' project.

Meanwhile female fans of Persib have organised a seminar on the role of women in football coupled with the giving of blood.

The latter seems so appropriate. Thursday was Kartini Day in Indonesia. Kartini is widely regarded as the first feminist and is remembered today as a national hero.

It is doubly appropriate that Indonesian women should be hosting such an event. The current director of competitions as the Indonesia Soccer Championships is Ratu Trisha Destria who was also instrumental in the stats company Labbola.

Out of interest do any other ASEAN countries have a lady in such a high ranking post in Indonesia?

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