Tuesday, February 23, 2016


SLeague Warns About Flares On Terraces

Apparently SLeague crowds are on the up but the league organisers are worried. Some Hougang United fans let off a few sparklers at their home game with Home United and the authorities are keen to see this type of colour quickly extinguished.

In a statement on their website earlier today the SLeague warned fans against using flares and sparklers at games.

'On 18 Feb 16, after the match between Hougang United FC and Home United FC at the Hougang Stadium, sparklers were lighted up by a group of fans.
The lighted sparklers created a huge ball of fire and billows of thick smoke that engulfed that section of the grandstand. The incident created anxiety and threatened the safety of fans.
Police has confirmed that both flares and sparklers which are binded together and set off is a criminal offence punishable by law.
Fans are hereby reminded that flares and sparklers are prohibited from all S.League matches. Offenders will risk being arrested and charged by the authorities if they are caught in possession or guilty of setting off sparklers in the stadium.' SOURCE - SLeague
Back in the day me and my garage band did a song called Rock Against Flares. We found the very sight of bell bottomed trousers to be offensive to the eye and felt they oppressed people who worse bicycle clips so any move against these particular fashion faux pas gets my vote.
But sparklers? Come on, stop bloody meddling and let fans create a bit of atmosphere and colour at games. That will encourage others to join in and hey presto, you get Singapore football cool again.
The press release says the incident caused alarm among fans. Yep, take a look at the picture...shitting bricks they be, shitting bleeding bricks.
If they wanna ban something, and these suit types usually do, then ban people over the age of 12 wearing replica shirts of overseas clubs. The likes of Jermaine Pennant and Jordan Webb are bringing flair to the pitches, what is wrong with a boot of flare on the terraces? Don't go down the Arsenal route where the stadium is full of well behaved moo moos taking selfies and scared to stand or sing for fear of breaking nonsense ground regulations.

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