Friday, October 23, 2015


Them Cups Keep A Coming

Following the 'success' of the President Cup, the organisers have now come up with another cup competition to keep players business while men in suits consider what to do next with Indonesian football's latest officialdom malaise.

Pusamania Borneo have already claimed to have accepted an invitation to join the Surdiman Cup which is slated to start in November while another 14 clubs are expected to join. Interestingly 15 ISL teams joined the President Cup which suggests the Papuan sides, Persipura, Persiram and Persuru will continue their extended break.

The 15 teams will be split into three groups, based on Malang, Surabaya and Bali and the final would be held as a one off towards the end of January.

14/11 - 01/12 - Group stage

Top two in each group plus the two best third placed teams will go into what we used to call the quarter finals but now seem to be called the Big 8.

12/12 - 20/12 - Quarter Finals

09/01 - 17/01 - Semi Finals

24/01 - Final

Plans are also in place for an East Kalimantan Governor's Cup. This would feature Pusamania, Persiba Balikpapan, Mitra Kukar, seeing as they come from said province, along with Bali United, returning to their Samarinda routes, and Persija. If they have any money!

There is also talk about the Marah Halim making an appearance in the New Year. We have heard this before though!

No one seems to have thought about finishing the Inter Island Cup 2014 yet!

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