Sunday, September 06, 2015


Where Next For Malaysia After UAE Drubbing?

Actually it's not just about the UAE drubbing. It is also about the Palestine drubbing, 6-0, and the Oman drubbing which was also 6-0.

In fact the only results Malaysia can claim in recent times as respectable is a narrow loss against Spurs and a draw with Liverpool. Which begs the question...just how did those games help the national side and the answer is perfectly now as it was back when Ultras Malaya began their campaign for fans to boycott the games.

They were of absolutely no benefit at all to the Malaysian national side.

And to think a friendly against the Philippines was cancelled to make space for a bunch of overpaid, unfit tattooed lovey boys from the Premier League. Now the Philippines aren't the most attractive opponent in world football, though more attractive than a few years back, but at least they would have provided better opponents than the EPL tourists.

The national team and of course the fans are paying the price for the Football Association's obsession with English football.

The FA have no doubt blamed everyone but themselves and coach Dollah Salleh has stepped down from his post with Ong Kim Swee taking temporary charge. But the FA are backing themselves into a corner.

Remember they preside over a league where clubs routinely farm their coaches out on gardening leave. The likes of Bojan Hodak, George Boateng and Steve Darby have all had the opportunity to develop small ponds in their back yard And what do you think coaches do when they meet other coaches? Do you think they are going to say 'yep, Malaysia, give it a go'? A top class coach just isn't going to want to work with a second rate FA which prioritises bullshit friendlies against uninterested opponents all the while he knows if he ignores 'advise' from on high he could be out trimming hedges before he has had a chance to put a new pea in his whistle.

Not too long ago 35,000 + attended a third tier game in Malaysia. In a few months time 80,000+ will attend the Malaysia Cup final. Malaysia have won the SEA Games and the ASEAN Cup in recent years and both Pahang and Johor Darul Tazim have done well in the AFC Cup this season but FAM seem to have done little to build on those earlier successes. 

Now Malaysian football seems to have turned a full circle back to the grim days when they preferred to focus on the presence of a pointless friendly against Manchester United than the AFC Asian Cup. Their responsibility is the local game; all these games against English sides are pointless...many have said it all along and the results have proved it.

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