Tuesday, September 08, 2015


What's In A Name?

Indonesian football tied up in one game played today in the President Cup in Makassar.

Persipasi Bekasi Raya, formerly known as Pelita Bandung Raya and Persipasi before they merged, formerly known as Pelita Jaya Karawang before they were taken over by Bandung Raya, formerly known as  Pelita Jaya West Java, formerly known as Pelita Jaya Purwakarta, formerly known as Pelita Krakatau Steel, formerly known as Pelita Solo, formerly known as Pelita Bakrie, formerly known as Pelita Mastrans defeated Gresik United formerly known as Persegres and Petrokimia 2-0.

In the same group are Pusamania Borneo. They were formed by supporters of Persisam Samarinda Putra who were unhappy with the club owners so they bought the licence of Perseba Super Bangkalan and relocated them to East Kalimantan. Which is funny because Perseba Super Bangkalan were previously involved with the people who were behind Deltras Sidoarjo who once upon a time were known as Gelora Dewata and used to play in Bali before crossing to Java and making their home near Surabaya.

Talking of Bali you remember how I mentioned Pusamania was sprung from the terraces of Persisam? Well the Persisam owners renamed themselves Putra Samarinda, or Pusam, but struggled for support in the city and once Pusamania earned themselves promotion Pusam decided to scout around for a new owner and guess what? They ended up in Bali known as Bali United Pusam.

The other team in the group are PSM Makassar and their history is kind of boring. They are the oldest football club in Indonesia and have been known as PSM for as long as anyone can remember even though they did spend a season or so playing their home games in Surabaya 'cos their stadium didn't meet ISL standards.

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