Saturday, August 22, 2015


FIFA To Visit Indonesia In October

Since banning Indonesia from competing in any football under its auspices several months ago it seems like FIFA has been in no rush to welcome the country back to its warm, loving embrace.

Now comes news they will put together a team and will visit the country in October to see what the problem is. Are. October? Some 6 months after the suspension!

The sports minister has said he will take the opportunity to 'explain everything' to the game's governing body though whether they will want to talk to him and in what capacity is unclear. After all Indonesia was suspended because of government interference.

At present clubs from the second tier Divisi Utama are competing in the Independence Cup organised by the Transition Team, a body set up by the government to help reform football.

In other totally unrelated news it appears the Indonesian owners of ALeague side Brisbane Roar are looking to sell the club as they struggle to pay wages on time. I know what you are thinking...

The owners of Brisbane Roar are massively influential in Indonesian football and it remains to be seen whether or not FIFA will be wanting to talk to them when they do hit town. At various times over the years they have had links with Pelita Jaya, Arema, Deltras (pictured in red) plus no doubt a few others. There can be no meaningful reform of football without them at least being at the table...

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