Friday, June 12, 2015


Aide Bites Bullet After Indonesia Loss

Singapore's SEA Games campaign ended at the Jalan Besar Stadium when a moment of magic from Evan Dimas consigned them to defeat and ensured it was to be Indonesia who would play Thailand in the semi final.

In the wake of the game coach Aide Iskander announced he had stepped down as coach.

Singapore had been blasted by the football public after losing their opening game against Myanmar but even a win over Cambodia couldn't soothe the passions of a handful who seemed to expect they win every single game playing with a Barcelona style swagger.

But as I wrote a few days ago we will not know how successful Aide's work has been until a few years down the road as the players fill out and mature.

At the end of the day the SEA Games is a tournament for Under 23s. It is not on a par with the World Cup, the Asian Cup or even the ASEAN Football Championships and going out at the group stage is not the humiliation some people are suggesting.

It is worth pointing out on the same day Singapore's Under 23s were bowing out of a competition at home the full national side was winning 4-0 in front of 63,000 in Cambodia in their first game on the road to Russia/UAE. And much of that team cut its teeth in the SEA Games without winning it.

In the wake of Aide's resignation the FAS have said they hope to change his mind over the coming days.

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