Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Indonesia's World Cup Draw

11/06/15 - Chinese Taipei v Indonesia
16/06/15 - Indonesia v Iraq
02/09/15 - Vietnam v Indonesia
08/10/15 - Indonesia v Thailand
13/10/15 - Indonesia v Chinese Taipei
12/11/15 - Iraq v Indonesia
17/11/15 - Indonesia v Vietnam
29/03/16 - Thailand v Indonesia.

1st place - 3rd World Cup qualifying round, AFC Asian Cup
2nd place - 3rd World Cup qualifying round,  AFC Asian Cup or 3rd qualifying round
3rd place - AFC Asian Cup 3rd qualifying round
4th place -  AFC Asian Cup 3rd qualifying round or play off
5th place - AFC Asian Cup qualifying play off

Remember how we mocked Arsene Wenger for saying 4th place is as good as a trophy. In Indonesia's case, looking at the teams in their group, he wasn't far off!

Hi there,
What will it take for Indonesia to give well deserving fans better results?
It's so disheartening times and again like a no end vicious cycle.

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