Friday, February 20, 2015


Woe Is Singapore

2015 is the year Singapore hosts the SEA Games but the football team hasn't had the best of preparations following two heavy defeats in home friendlies.

First up was Japan U22s, this mixed age group thing does get confusing, and Singapore U23s lost 8-1. Instead of bouncing back against Syria U23s Singapore U22s ended up on the end of another drubbing, this time 6-1.

Syria had arrived in Singapore after a couple of games in Indonesia where they had drawn one (1-1) and won the other (3-0).

Singapore footballers mostly have it pretty easy. Playing in Malaysia is considered a culture shock and a tiresome journey can be from Woodlands to Bedok. And while coaches Richard Bok and Adie Iskander will not be too pleased with the defeats they will be using the opportunity to see how the players react.

Do they have the mental strength necessary to turn them from good players into winners?

Fact is, by playing Malaysia U23 and Indonesia U23 ad infinitum just confirms what we all know; the players are ASEAN standards. But if Singapore wants to kick on in events like the AFC Asian Cup, the Asian Games and even the World Cup they need to raise the bar both on the field and mentally.

Singapore U23s and U22s need more games like these, not less. And they need the fans to understand the growing pains are a necessary part of a player's evolution.

U22. U23...Confusing eh?!

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