Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Persitara Upset At Government Interest In City Rivals

Not much has been heard of Persitara in recent months. Jakarta's other team, they are ignored by the media who are attracted by stories, any stories, about Persija.

The news the city government are willing to take a stake in Persija has Persitara even more riled. Everyone knows Persija have money problems...despite having one of the largest supports in the country they struggle to pay wages or attract sponsors. Instead of the management doing the decent thing, the club now have the taxpayer taking an interest...and Persitara ain't happy.

'We don't think it's fair. It's discrimination,' said one Persitara official. Persija isn't the only club in Jakarta...(others) need help.'

'If Persija (with all their resources) can't attract cash then what about us, he continued somewhat whistfully.

And there in lies the crux. Why should the Jakarta taxpayer contribute to the running of any football at all? The roads are a mess, flooding is an annual event, doesn't the government have better things to spend its money on than a football club which has a reputation for financial mismanagement?

If Persija can't find money then the management should change or they should go the way of other wasteful businesses. Or if you are going to help one then you should help all. Not everyone in Jakarta supports Persija!

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