Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yahukimo Consider Java Base

I don't think I have ever written anything about Yahukimo before except their results. It may be a very Japanese sounding name but Yahukimo is most definitely a district in Papua...a remote district in a remote province.

Their football club hasn't really made waves either. They survived in Divisi Utama last season and are now planning for the new season ahead but there are so many contingencies it is difficult to know how a team can be built.

Last season they used Andi Mattalatta Mattoangin Stadium in Makassar, odd they could but PSM couldn't. Now with a few weeks before a new season they are scouting round for a new home ground.

One option on the table is relocating the club to Malang. Well, Batu to be precise which isn't too far from the East Javan city. 'If we don't join a Papuan based group we will move to Batu,' said a club official while leaving the door open to staying in Papua.

Regarding the recruitment of players, the club are still waiting to be told where they will play their home games. If they in a Papua group then they will target players from the region. If they are based in Makassar then they will target players from that region. And if they allowed to play in Batu? Then they will choose players from everywhere!

Not the ideal preparations for a long, hard football season you might expect but journey times and travel conditions in the east of the country and long and arduous and the costs aren't cheap. By basing themselves in East Java the club could save a heap of money on travel costs. Then again they would not have much in the way of a fan base, so far from home.

These though are the decisions football clubs must make. Last season saw PSM play in Surabaya, not Makassar. Persiram play in Sleman, not Papua. Just another of those conumdrums that make Indonesian football so captivating!

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