Friday, January 30, 2015


Jakarta Football Chat

Since I started Jakarta Casual back in 2006 I have constantly sought different ways of getting the wild, wacky, wonderful world of Indonesian football out to a wider audience.

Over the years I have flirted with You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud to varying degrees. I have attempted regular podcasts only to see the ideas flounder on the rocks of reality.

I have also been determined not to be seen as some one man band saddo with no life beyond the frantic words of a house bound blogger!


Step forward Jakarta Football Chat.

Starting this weekend I will be teaming up with a well known Indonesian football commentator, Pangeran Siahaan, to present what is very possibly the world's first English language talkshow about Indonesian football.

There will be none of that inane music that blights local coverage, there will be no discussion if where Rooney should play. Instead it will be pure unadulterated South East Asian football with a strong focus on Indonesia.

Where once there was Top Corner filmed in a proper studio with lights, camera and make up, now there will be a couple of lads in a pub doing the chat.

And not just us. This weekend, for the first ever Jakarta Football Chat we are excited to have a real live breathing guest to sit and chat with us about the beautiful game.

We hope to have guests on each time so if you are a player or a coach and would be interested in joining us on a show please contact me via email, Twitter or LinkedIn or Pangeran direct. Full contact details will be broadcasted at the end of the show.

In the short term the plan is for Jakarta Football Chat to go on You Tube. Long term? Who knows.

If anyone is interested in coming down to watch the show be recorded you would be most welcome. Again, contact either of us through the methods mentioned above. The more the merrier!

A new season begins on the pitch next month. Myself and Pangeran sincerely hope a new era begins off it as well so come and join the fun.

good luck mate
Hi Anthony, how are you doing?
Actually, very well it seems. I like your idea very much and hope to find the way to your program every time.
It would be great if you could manage to sell the program to TV stations or one of the cable sports channels. Of course within Indonesia it would mean to make a choice between the controlling media powerhouses and being rejected by the losing one for the rest of your life in whatever medium they control.
The weekly Tuesday night EPL commentary program on what is now Fox is dearly missed. A creative alternative about SEA football would fit in well there and find a substantial audiance. At the other hand, it would mean that your control is out of the window unless you have proven your format.
Good luck!
Frank, Malang
Thanks for your support guys.

Let's see where it takes's going to be fun!
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