Friday, January 02, 2015


Cough Up For Persik

Persik Kediri have been appointed one of the hosts for the group stage of the East Java Governor's Cup, along with Persekap Pasuruan.

Group A Untung Surapati Stadium, Pasuruan

03/01 Persekap v Persebaya
04/01 Persebaya v Gresik United
05/01 Gresik United v Persekap

Group B Brawijaya Stadium, Kediri

03/01 Persik v PSBK
04/01 PSBK v Persela
05/01 Persela v Persik

And fans who buy ticket for games in Kediri, they get a free cigarette! Way to go...a move bound to get western do gooding armchair liberals choking on their latte.

Before you start coughing in disgust it wasn't that long ago Australia's premier rugby league tournament and the national football team were sponsored by tobacco manufacturers.

The first team I saw playing good football in Indonesia was the Persik side which won the Liga Indonesia back in 2006 so do have a bit of a soft spot for them but giving out cigarettes?

Kediri, by the way, is known as a tobacco town with several thousand local people employed in the industry. Easy to criticise but are there any alternatives?

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