Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Contribute To Jakarta Casual

I started Jakarta Casual on the 3rd January 2006 which means this here blog recently celebrated its 9th anniversary.

Back then I never thought Jakarta Casual would have lasted so long. I never thought I would have got to meet so many great people involved in football in the region and I never thought it would be accepted by so  many people.

Over the years I have tried to embrace new mediums to present South East Asian Football. Podcasts, blogcasts, Jakarta Casual TV plus of course the stuff on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. Everything with the same purpose...of promoting football in this fantastic part of the world.

Since that first post all them years back I have got married and become a dad. MyLittleGooner os growing upwards and outwards  and I have always wanted to watch and enjoy him as he goes through his life journey. This comes at a cost and I have been unable to update Jakarta Casual as often as maybe I would have liked over the last year or so.

I don't want to knock Jakarta Casual on the head. It is because of the blog that I have been approached to write for other far more august titles than this. And to be honest I love it!

But I am thinking about changing the way the blog works. If I do not have the time to post so often then what about others? There has been an increase in people tweeting and writing about football in the region in English...why not give them a platform?

So, if you fancy yourself as a budding writer, in English, and want to test the waters so to speak, why not send me an article and I will post it on here complete with a link to your website, social media page or whatever. I will post warts and all so don't worry about making grammar or spelling mistakes...I won't correct them!

Ideally if English is not your native language, I won't check!, but you would like to pen something about football in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, even the Philippines, drop me a line at jakartacasualATyahooDOTcom and I will have a look.

As long as it is legible, isn't offensive and relates to football then I will post it online.

And no, you won't get paid! But you will get noticed...

Thought you need donations...
yep, always need them but never get them!
Happy 9th anniversary. I am rarely to visit your blog, but this blog is valuable resource to get valuable information about football.

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