Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Nothing Stange About Rabb

Controversy in Singapore football. Well, after a fashion. Questions are being asked about fitness coach Jurgen Rabb, specially hired by the FAS to get the Singapore Under 23s ready for the SEA Games next year.

One source has said  "Juergen knows the basic drills but that is because fitness training is part of the syllabus at coaching courses.

"All coaches must know the basic fitness stuff. But when you look at his CV, all these years, there is no mention of his track record as a fitness trainer. With the national team without any major tournaments next year, the SEA Games should take priority.

"The team are expected to at least make the final so shouldn't the best man be picked for the job?"

Let's put aside this nonsense in the last paragraph, in football expect nothing, hope for everything, but let's look at Rabb. And what do I know about him? Nothing...

But...back in 1984 I went to see England play East Germany in a friendly at Wembley. Coaching the East Germans that day was Bernd Stange, coaching Singapore today. And included in the East German line up was a 25 year old midfielder named Jurgen Rabb!

And judging  by his player profile in the programme Stange and Rabb go way back.

Of course there is nothing to suggest there is anything untoward in the appointment of Rabb. Coaches around the world routinely appoint people they are comfortable with and it does seem Stange and Rabb go back over 30 years.

As for the comment from the insider about Rabb having no experience as a fitness trainer...I guess the anonymous source do some research on East Germany's sporting achievments as well as the course Rabb studied at university.

Like I say, I have no opinion either way...

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