Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Singapore Football's Upper Echelons Are Poles Apart From Reality

Nope, I am not talking about  Szczesny, I still have to google the spelling of that, and Fabianski.

Just days after professional footballers at a professional football club in Singapore were lectured to and told they 'must understand' their club is taking a year off, the Singapore football awards went off with a hitch or two last weekend.

Now, anyone who has been to a football match on the island will know that most of the players come from a specific ethnic group. Not a road I really want to go down, better for local writers to address that issue perhaps, but it is a fact. Most professional footballers are ethnic Malay Muslims.

So whose bright idea was it to hire scantily dressed pole dancers for 'entertainment' on the night when Singapore football gathered to honour its own? And did someone really call for players to touch the dancers?

Is it any wonder football in Singapore is unfortunately considered a laughing stock by so many when this kind of dinosaur thinking goes on at the top level.

It is a great shame that another exciting season gets to be overlooked by crass insensitivity and boorish behaviour. These people should be spending time promoting the game and selling it to the masses, not thinking about cheap thrills.

Read this for a look at how the SLeague awards night unfolded and the reaction from some of those who were there

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