Monday, November 03, 2014


Not Persib's Year

Cynical? Moi? Nah, never. But let's just absorb some recent snippets of news shall we?

1 - It is announced any Indonesia Super League final will be held at Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta. Everyone knows if Persib defeat Arema in Palembang they will not be allowed to play in Jakarta, at least not with their supporters. The local security officials have confirmed no permission has yet been released for the game to be played in Jakarta.

2 - Arema fans are shown taking their large flag to Jakarta for the final. Not to Palembang for the semi final first but straight to Jakarta. Yes, they need to win the semi first but the fans don't seem to concerned with that minor point...they are going straight to Jakarta!

3 - PSSI announce the Persib fans are not allowed to travel to away games following incidents at an earlier game. This announcement obviously comes too late to stop many thousands who have already gone to the expense of organising travel for the journey to South Sumatra.

Previously the league had said Persib fans could attend the game but only if they didn't wear colours. Apparently colours would identify them as Persib fans whereas if they were dressed normally no one would know what team they supported. Probably because they would watch the game in total silence.

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