Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Wall Of Silence Surrounds Jacksen's Persipura Exit

As stories go it is probably the biggest one of the Indonesia Super League season. Apparently just ahead of Persipura's play off game at home to Arema it was revealed their Brazilian coach Jacksen F Tiago would no longer be in charge of the club he had led to three ISL titles.

Rumours, and wikipedia, suggest Jacksen has signed for newly promoted Penang in the Malaysian Super League. I went to their website, down, and their twitter account, just five tweets, and found nothing. I checked a couple of Malaysian newspaper websites and came up short. I went to a fan face book page and yep, nothing except a rumour Robertinho may sign for the club. You know Robertinho, plays for, um, Persipura!

The Persipura management are saying don't ask us, ask Jacksen while Jacksen himself is saying yes he has left but he is not going to say anymore, better ask Persipura!

After running round in circles for a while I came across a tweet from the Brazilian where he said 'A Bright future is just around the corner.....God keep giving me guidance & direction' ... ooh the tease!

In the absence of any official confirmation, we are left with rumour and hints. Wiki is suggesting Jacksen has signed for Penang ahead of next season and taken Titus Bonai with him. (Interestingly it seems Bonai wasn't included in the line up against Arema yesterday in the play off aganst Arema). If this is true it is a massive statement of intent from the newly promoted season and when you consider Patrich Wanggai, Bonai's strike partner at the SEA Games in 2011, spent last season with T Team a whole new range of options open up.

Not the least of which is will Boas Solossa follow Jacksen to Malaysia?

Like I said, this is a sensational story with a number of implications - if it was in England it would be along the lines of 'hold the back page' - but this is a Champions League week and Malaysian papers at least seem more interested in that than they do in the managerial go round in their own backyard.

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