Friday, October 31, 2014


PSS & PSIS Disqualified After Own Goal Fiesta

Apparently neither club wanted to win because neither club wanted to play another club; they felt if they played another club they would not be allowed to win and be denied a promotion spot for 'non technical' reasons.

So neither team played. Rather, they played to lose and the game became a flood of own goals with five scored in the last few minutes. Unfortunately for one of the teams at least there was one winner. Unfortunately for genuine football lovers there was no winner and the PSSI stepped in to examine the matter.

Their judgement? Both teams to be disqualified. So both teams got half their wish. They both lost. However both will be deprived the possibility of playing in the ISL as well which is a kick in the teeth for their loyal supporters.

What happens next? Who knows. Of the two remaining teams left in their group, both have failed to show up for a play off game so in theory their reluctance to play could be rewarded with a spot in the semi finals?

It is a mess and it raises many more questions than have been asked or settled by the punishments handed down. Just why should clubs feel they would have no chance of winning a game? Why do some clubs refuse to travel? Just who is really in control of football?

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