Thursday, October 30, 2014


FAM "Praying' Malaysia Cup Final Goes Smoothly

In the absence of serious planning all the authorities can do is seek divine intervention. Yeap, a few days away from the Malaysia Cup Final, the oldest domestic cup competition in the region, organisers hope nothing goes wrong.

Well, what can go wrong? Apparently the on line ticket process has been a mess but that is almost a foot note.

The final is being held at Bukit Jalil and the date was brought forward because the FAM wanted to give the national team more time to prepare ahead of the AFF Cup that begins later in the month. Unfortunately the stadium owners had already made bookings for the rearranged dates in the venues around the stadium so now an estimated 100,000 fans from the competing sides, Johor Darul Tazim and Pahang, must rub shoulders with some religious expo and a show about Sarawak culture.

Why hasn't the game been switched to Shah Alam Stadium instead? That is also unclear with one official mumbling something about needing a bog stadium so 'the fans aren't disappointed.'

It is estimated 150,000 people could be converging on the stadium and its surroundings and it seems little has been done to prepare for them and their access.

The FAM has been told between 300 and 500 buses will be bringing the two sets of supporters...yep, between 300 and 500. No one seems to know how many exactly.

Other fans will no doubt want to drive...good luck on that one lads, and have been advised to arrive at the stadium two hours before the gates open and nearly seven hours ahead of kick off. At least they can learn about culture in Sarawak I suppose.

If anyone wants to use trains then  yes, there will be trains at the nearby station but no one seems to know when they will stop running. Anyway, 'those on duty at the station know what to do.'

One official is quoted as saying 'hopefully everything will go smoothly. We pray for that.'

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